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Friday 17 For the World Tattoo Gallery’s December exhibit–Movie Monsters: The Theme Show–the gallery asked artists to “celebrate the goons of the big screen, from Frankenstein’s monster to Hannibal the Cannibal.” The show opens with a free reception tonight from 5 to 8, but that’s just the start of the evening. The postopening party, from […]

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Violence in the Blues

To the editors: It’s always disturbing when pressure is put on public figures to censor their artistic vision for ideological or moralistic reasons. When it’s done in the name of social justice it’s even more unfortunate–especially when the protester’s agenda is laced with cultural myopia so extreme that it smacks of chauvinism or worse. Frieda […]

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Union Yes!

To the editors: While I greatly admire Michael Miner’s work–including his reporting on the financial troubles at In These Times–I want to clarify a point in his November 26 column. I am concerned that, intentionally or not, the piece may have unfairly cast the National Writers Union (NWU) in a negative light. Miner wrote that […]

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Kuei-mei, a Woman

For a brief spell in the early 80s, the “social realism” movement in Taiwanese cinema outdid even Hong Kong martial-arts epics at the box office throughout most of southeast Asia. Most of its output, to be sure, aimed to titillate: exposes of country girls’ lives gone astray. But a good number of films offered cogent […]

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To the editors: Your story on the recent massacre at WBEZ [Hot Type, November 26] impelled me to go to that station’s board meeting on December 2. It was a highly educational experience. The board members were all unanimously supportive of programming director Torey Malatia’s proposed and already implemented programming changes. This may have been […]

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Scientology on Sugar

To the editors: Re: Michelle Murphy, Manhattan Beach, California letter to the “The Straight Dope” This is the correct answer: “Sugar is a deceptive thing. It appears to give one energy. But it does so by bypassing the body’s production of its own sugar.” “Straight sugar makes the stomach and digestive processes alkaline. This is […]

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Gentle Persuasion

SCHINDLER’S LIST *** (A must-see) Directed by Steven Spielberg Written by Steven Zaillian With Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Caroline Goodall, Jonathan Sagalle, and Embeth Davidtz. The ideological structures of Spielberg’s films “hail” the spectator into a world of the obvious that affirms the viewer’s presence (even while dissolving it), affirms that what the […]

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Deed of Trust

DEED OF TRUST Victory Gardens Theater There’s something comfortable about Claudia Allen’s plays. Maybe it’s because many of them are about small-town folks in Michigan. Maybe it’s because she often explores family matters. Maybe it’s because she has a sense of humor about and compassion for her characters. They’re fleshy. They’re genuine. They have quirky […]

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Based on a play by John Galsworthy, this 1933 British feature about anti-Semitism stars Basil Rathbone as a wealthy Jewish businessman sued for slander after he accuses an army officer (Miles Mander) of stealing 100 pounds from his wallet during a weekend house party for aristocrats. It might be argued that the film itself isn’t […]

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The Point Is the Energy

DOUG ELKINS DANCE COMPANY at the Dance Center of Columbia College, December 9-11 If you wanted to put Doug Elkins in a box, you could use words like “postmodernism” and “appropriation” to describe the crazy way he mixes dance styles from one moment to the next: hip-hop and flamenco, ballet and break dancing. Like a […]