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The Dream Project

THE DREAM PROJECT Moving Parts Theatre Company at American Blues Theatre A woman sits crouched on a step while a man force-feeds her imaginary oatmeal. Across the stage, high atop a platform, a second man drops red and black scarves alternately to a third man on the floor below. The woman turns, watches the scarves […]

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The Straight Dope

My wife and I are expecting a baby boy. Soon we will face the prickly question: to circumcise or not to circumcise? As far as we can determine, the dispute has not been settled which is healthier. As youngsters we heard that circumcision fosters cleanliness. Then we heard that this argument is feeble in a […]

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The City File

Most mass transit is privately owned, UIC management professor Anthony Pagano reminded the Transportation Research Forum last fall: “The private [transit] sector [not counting taxis, limos, or medical transport] is estimated to operate 14,715 vehicles in the Chicago area. This is over seven times the number of buses operated by public transit in Chicago.” Priests […]

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Chicago Moving Company

With each new dance, Nana Shineflug reinvents herself–or at least reveals a new facet of her personality. She has bounced back from a lot: divorce, alcoholism, childhood rape, her studio burning down twice in ten years. Still dancing at 58, Shineflug knows the everyday victory of just getting through the next dance class, let alone […]

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In Claude We Trust

** THE ACCOMPANIST (Worth seeing) Directed by Claude Miller Written by Miller and Luc Beraud With Richard Bohringer, Elena Safonova, Romane Bohringer, Samuel Labarthe, Julien Rassam, Nelly Borgeaud, and Claude Rich. “About six years before the disappearance of Ambrose Small, Ambrose Bierce had disappeared. Newspapers all over the world had made much of the mystery […]

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A World in Movement

AMY ALT AND SHELDON B. SMITH at Link’s Hall, January 21-23 In a famous passage from Marcel Proust’s novel Swann’s Way the taste of a madeleine calls up for the narrator a whole era of his life: that small, concrete, and ordinary object–a cookie–contains an entire world, and the mind releases it. Proust, an invalid, […]