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The Unmale Dale

Regarding Maura Troester’s review of And Baby Makes Seven by Paula Vogel at Footsteps Theatre [February 18]: To unquestioningly use the pronoun he in reference to a director whose first name is Dale–particularly when that director is also co-Artistic Director of a theater producing “plays from a women’s point of view”–demonstrates a lack of curiosity, […]

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Wipe That Smile

Wipe That Smile Victory Gardens Studio Theater I don’t presume to know what effect Kay Osborne hoped her play Wipe That Smile would have on its audience. But since this story of a Jamaican family’s descent into poverty and crime is billed as a tragedy, I doubt she assumed it would leave them rolling in […]

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Too Much of Too Much

Dear editor: Neil Tesser’s “Critic’s Choice” is always a good source of information about who’s playing where (although why he ignores local gems like Bobby Broom’s Big Deal Trio and the Chuck Hedges Swingtet I’ll never know), but I have to question Mr. Tesser’s assessment of the Bop Shop’s new, two-band setup in his January […]

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Body Snatchers

For my money, Abel Ferrara’s remake of a remake–namely Philip Kaufman’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, based on Don Siegel’s classically paranoid 1956 SF adaptation of Jack Finney’s effective novel The Body Snatchers–doesn’t match the Siegel original, though it’s a lot scarier and more memorable than Kaufman’s low-key, new-agey version. Kaufman shifted the action from […]

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Spot Check

EUGENIUS 3/11, LOUNGE AX The pedigree of this Glaswegian four-piece traces back to the Vaselines, a semilegendary band with a posthumous reputation that rests largely on Nirvana’s cover of its song “Molly’s Lips.” Eugenius also possesses musical ties to both fellow Scots the Pastels and the Olympia, Washington, trio Beat Happening, combos that crafted killer […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In January in New York a 33-pound, two-foot-long border collie named Apple swallowed a 12-inch carving knife in the course of snacking on devil’s food cake at the home of her owner, Eric Fuchs. According to Fuchs, two days after doctors surgically removed the knife, Apple was back home “ready to play.” Uh-oh […]

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Women Defending Themselves

Dear editor: After my first reading of Bryan Miller’s article “Guns & Women” [February 4] I decided not to write in complaining about the article’s misrepresentation of self-defense classes or the article’s irresponsible attitude toward self-defense. After all, at least the “Guns & Women” article portrayed women defending themselves in a positive light. However, MRL’s […]

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All’s Well That Ens Well

All’s Well That Ends Well Humble Ambitions at Cafe Voltaire What emerges in this staging of Shakespeare’s rarely performed All’s Well That Ends Well are good intentions encumbered by too many contemporary interpretations and conceptual motifs for Humble Ambitions’ modest resources to support. And what might have seemed simple ingenuousness comes across as pretentious chaos. […]

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Bill Morrissey

In “Ellen’s Tune,” a soft and whimsical tribute to his wife, folkie Bill Morrissey captures his appeal with typically shambling aplomb: “Nothing up my sleeve, no bag of tricks / Glad she goes for lyrics, not guitar licks.” For some reason, I kind of feel guilty about liking Morrissey; probably because it’s easy to scoff […]

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East Meets West

To the editors: Due to my geographical dyslexia, in my article in Our Town about Wai Lun Choi (March 4) I mistakenly located Master Choi’s studio on Irving Park just east of Damen. In fact, Master Choi can be found at 2054 W. Irving Park, just west of Damen, on the north side of the […]