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Goin’ East on Ashland

Ashland doesn’t go east, of course. The title of this monologue by ruddy, rubber-faced Mike Houlihan is bartender’s slang: someone going east on Ashland is off his nut. Unveiled last month as a work in progress and remounted this week as a Saint Patrick’s Day offering, Houlihan’s comic confession is a sometimes sacred, mostly profane, […]

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Defending the Caveman

Defending the Caveman Briar Street Theatre Eight years ago, stand-up was booming. Back then everyone I knew with the guts to stand alone onstage and tell jokes to drunks was breaking into the field. “It’s the perfect straight job,” an actor friend told me at the time. “The money is so easy.” But now, with […]

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Iris Moore and Christina Cobb

Iris Moore and Christina Cobb at Randolph Street Gallery, February 18 and 19 Iris Moore, who will probably never do a sitcom, is something of a pure artist. She does what she does because it feels right to her and because she has something to say. If there are other considerations–say, extending an engagement, playing […]

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The Straight Dope

I have thought about becoming a bodybuilder, but I’m getting mixed signals from my peers. The guys say I’ll catch more girls, but the girls say most guys they’ve dated who are into bodybuilding have very small penises. From observing many bodybuilders in pose trunks I’d say the girls seem to be right. Please help. […]

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Ironmistress/Spike Heels

Ironmistress Halcyone Productions at Heartland Studio Theatre It’s one of those things you don’t even know is missing until you find it. But when you do, you let out a prayer of thanks. “Yes!” you want to exclaim. “This is what’s needed.” I walked into the Heartland Studio Theatre to see Halycone Productions’ Ironmistress, sat […]

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Les Deux Camilles

Les Deux Camilles Cloud 42 at Body Politic Theatre Just as Bailiwick Repertory has recently reworked the legends of Saint Joan and Don Juan, Cloud 42 takes on the saga of Marie Duplessis–the original for La Dame aux Camelias–in “Les Deux Camilles,” two plays that radically reexamine the 1848 novel and 1852 play by Alexandre […]

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Eastern Rebellion

Cedar Walton, who leads his quartet from the piano, is a “musician’s musician.” He still doesn’t figure high in the popularity polls, but hundreds of jazzmen have tapped his talents for their record dates, more than validating his feathery touch, soulful pulse, and inexhaustible knowledge of chords (the music’s harmonic building blocks). And Walton writes: […]

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Fashionable Misery

City of God Jeff McMahon at the Dance Center of Columbia College, March 3-5 Performance in this country is in trouble. I’m not talking about the repeated calls for dissolving the NEA or the attempts by various “official bodies” to censor “offensive” work. These external threats, while undeniably serious, pale next to an apparent collapse […]