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Chicago Composers’ Consortium

For its sixth season the Chicago Composers’ Consortium has come up with a heavyweight lineup: each of its three concerts will headline chamber pieces by a distinguished American composer. That is not to say, however, that the consortium’s own members are being neglected in favor of prestigious visitors: recent works by Lawrence Axelrod, Michael Pisaro, […]

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Telling Stories

WINIFRED HAUN & DANCERS at the Harold Washington Library Auditorium, October 22 and 23 Winifred Haun, who’s had her own troupe for only two years, is getting very good at telling a story, giving us just enough information to fill in the blanks ourselves. Sometimes the subject or situation is fairly clear-cut–as in her 1991 […]

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Field & Street

In these times of crime and the fear of crime it is important to remember that a dog can prevent the theft of your furniture but your furniture cannot prevent the theft of your dog. This thought came to me while I was reading The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. The book […]

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Pablo, Albert, Elvis, and Steve

PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE Steppenwolf Theatre Company In his 1988 movie Young Einstein Australian actor-director Yahoo Serious portrayed Albert Einstein as the father of rock ‘n’ roll and carbonated beer. Picasso at the Lapin Agile is somewhat more restrained; its author, comedian Steve Martin, lets us know that he is a serious yahoo. Martin’s […]

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The Firebugs

THE FIREBUGS Wild Life Theatre Company at Facets Multimedia, International Performance Studio “Every citizen above a certain economic level is guilty of something,” observes Wilhelm Eisenring in Max Frisch’s The Firebugs, the reasoning he and his sidekick, Joe Schmitz, use to transform Gottlieb Biedermann’s residence into the tinderbox for a holocaust. The secret that makes […]

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Things We Hate

WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE at Randolph Street Gallery, through December 11 LLYN FOULKES at I Space, through November 13 Artists who depict violence, brutality, and oppression face a paradox that’s troubled Western art at least since medieval painters began creating spectacular images of hell. If a work of visual art is powerful and compelling […]

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New Music at the Green Mill

Over the past few years the Green Mill has emerged as a vital alternative venue, a place for local musicians to try out their latest ideas or just to jam together. Its jazz-lounge acoustics may not be ideal, but its relaxed, freewheeling ambience certainly encourages a lot of improvistion and experimentation–and fun. This chamber concert, […]