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Needles and Opium

“Alot of my taste for theater came from seeing concerts of Genesis and Jethro Tull,” says Robert Lepage, the Quebec writer, director, performer, and designer who at 35 is artistic director of Canada’s national theater and was recently named a knight of the Ordre des Arts et Lettres, one of Canada’s highest artistic honors. His […]

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions

Rock ‘n’ roll’s unforgiving codes work in mysterious and sometimes shocking ways. Consider the disdain with which Elvis Costello is widely held outside of the too-respectful mainstream rock press. That disdain has to do with the fact that over the past five years he’s firmly established himself as the first punk geezer–a symptom not of […]

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Fool for Love; Square One

FOOL FOR LOVE Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company SQUARE ONE Element Theatre Company at A Red Orchid Theatre What’s great about Sam Shepard, like him or not, is that you can sense the intimate understanding he has of his characters and settings. You can see tumbleweeds rolling across deserted western highways, smell the stench of tobacco juice, […]

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Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller’s strange method of entertainment (their Obie was awarded to them for “whatever it is it’s called they do”) is basically self-conscious performance art that happens to have its roots in magic. This makes their shows at once more fun than your average performance art and more thoughtful than your average evening with […]

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Get Ready

GET READY Victory Gardens Theater In Get Ready the characters–a 60s R&B quintet hoping to make a 90s comeback–never talk about the music they make. They don’t have to: the music itself talks up a storm. Early in the first act there’s a glorious scene in which these middle-aged former “ambassadors of soul” sing together […]

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Alexander, Michaels/Future Movement

ALEXANDER, MICHAELS/FUTURE MOVEMENT at the Harold Washington Library, May 20 and 21 The “Future Movement” in the name of their group would be funny if Lane Alexander and Kelly Michaels didn’t seem to wish so desperately that it were true. There’s nothing new, let alone futuristic, about their styles of tap and jazz. Michaels’s choreography […]

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Don Giovanni

Freud meets Marx in this clever 1979 adaptation by Joseph Losey of Mozart’s operatic masterpiece. Don Giovanni, as portrayed by the scowling baritone Ruggero Raimondi, is a cynical and cruel yet oddly vulnerable bisexual who no longer gets a kick out of his compulsive behavior; the aristocratic milieu that is his hunting ground is suffering […]

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1994 International Theatre Festival of Chicago

The most noticeable difference between this edition of the International Theatre Festival of Chicago and the four others that preceded it is: there’s no Shakespeare! No sprawling marathons, no this-year’s-Olivier pandering. English theater is still represented–by Alan Ayckbourn’s new play, performed by his own company–but it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the fest. Which might […]

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No Respect

Dear Reader, I was shocked by the content of your recent cover story, “Nixon in Hell” [April 29]. Have you no respect?!? Your article defamed one of the most important figures in recent American history–John Belushi. D.S. Chicago