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Villian the Blank

* BLOWN AWAY (Has redeeming facet) Directed by Stephen Hopkins Written by Joe Batteer, John Rice, and M. Jay Roach With Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Lloyd Bridges, Forest Whitaker, Suzy Amis, John Finn, and Stephi Lineburg. In the Roy Rogers westerns I saw as a kid, I could always figure out in a flash […]

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Lies and Falsehoods

Dear editors: You owe your readers an explanation for printing the ad featuring Mayor Daley’s picture on Section 1, page 38 of the June 24, 1994, issue. Does your advertising policy allow for ads that are as blatantly anti-Semitic as this one? Of course, “J. Johnson,” the supposed author of this ad, provides himself with […]

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Field & Street

Driving south on Naper Boulevard from the East-West Tollway you’ll see a string of houses plopped on grass trimmed so short it hurts just to look at it. Grass, even Kentucky bluegrass, is humiliated by harsh mow jobs. It wants to grow tall, have flowers, have sex the same as any plant. But mowing prevents […]

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Ritual Trio

Over the last four decades, jazz’s version of the power trio–the tenor/bass/drums alliance pioneered by Sonny Rollins in 1957–has launched a thousand flights of freedom: the exclusion of piano opens up the group timbre, and it also helps cut the music loose from its traditional harmonic moorings. In his Ritual Trio, drummer Kahil EI’Zabar loosens […]

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Slanders and Calumnies

Joyous Christian Greetings! In your issue of 24 June, in the “Lecture Notes” column [Calendar], Imani Nyah made accusations that the Catholic Church supported the Fascist genocide against the Ethiopians. Specifically, the accusation was that the Pope blessed the planes used to bomb and gas civilians. These charges are nothing short of fantastic. It is […]

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Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

After several seasons in search of a suitable principal maestro, the Grant Park Music Festival has landed a real catch. At 41, Hugh Wolff is in the ranks of such up-and-coming Americans as Gerard Schwarz and James Conlon, both poised to head major orchestras within the next decade. Certainly he has the right credentials: a […]

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The Critic From Another Planet

Whatever Bill Wyman feels about Rick Telander’s opinion about Kurt Cobain’s lack of a coach [Hitsville, May 20], it is just that–an opinion. Mr. Telander is well versed in the facts of his chosen field, something that cannot equally be said for Mr. Wyman. Bill Wyman states, “Organized sports consists almost entirely of suit-and-tied strategists” […]

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Call Us Irresponsible

To the editor: The advertisement signed by “J. Johnson” on page 38, Section 1, of the June 24th issue, should not have been printed by any responsible newspaper. You have let “Mr. Johnson” (there is no address or phone number with his name) turn the Reader into a forum where the most vulgar racists can […]

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Truth Hurts

LIE DETECTOR Cricket Playhouse at Center Theater Studio You understand, sir, that in reviewing Cricket Playhouse’s premiere of Lie Detector, by David Silvis, any inaccuracy in your comments will show up as a flutter on this polygraph machine to which we’ve hooked you up. Yes, sir. Good. You understand further that polygraph exams function best […]

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Buddy Ace

Vocalist Buddy Ace hails from Texas, and he’s got the suave sophistication one might expect from a Lone Star State bluesman who cites Bobby “Blue” Bland as one of his primary influences. But he’s capable of steamy funk as well as mellow balladeering, and his Old Testament prophet appearance–white suit, flowing mane, regal beard–adds to […]