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Rock vs. Jock

Dear Reader, It was with great annoyance, and little amusement, that I read Bill Wyman’s latest volley in the continuing juvenile pissing contest between himself and Rick Telander (“Bad Sports II,” Hitsville, June 24). Shame Bill’s tongue, fat with promise. Telander’s piece on Kurt Cobain’s death was pretentious and misguided; Wyman’s initial response [Hitsville, May […]

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Succeeding as much for what it hides in its music as for what it shows, this San Francisco trio has quietly made a pair of the most intriguing records I’ve heard in the last few years. Recorded in a huge warehouse in the rough area of their city known as Tenderloin, Swell’s music reflects its […]

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The Sports Section

The pennant race began unusually early this summer, which is only fitting for the craziest, juiciest, most hectic, most heroic (read homeric), and potentially most absurd baseball season in memory. Last weekend the Cleveland Indians came to Comiskey Park percentage points ahead of the White Sox in the American League Central Division. It was only […]

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Andy Warhol: The Factory Years

ANDY WARHOL: THE FACTORY YEARS at Cafe Voltaire Andy Warhol’s life is the stuff of great drama–or at least great soap opera. He was an ambitious, manipulative, deeply insecure genius who maintained monomaniacal control over nearly every element of his career (he reportedly telephoned his press agent every morning) and surrounded himself with desperately needy […]

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Dear Reader, I don’t normally bother responding to such inane dribble as Robert Heintz’s letter (in June 10th’s issue) and I certainly don’t want to appear to be supporting any of Bill Wyman’s ideas (he seems to be a nice enough guy, I just don’t share his opinions) but those two seem to have a […]

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That’s Entertainment III

This third compilation of clips from MGM musicals–introduced, like its predecessors, by many of the leading performers (June Allyson, Cyd Charisse, Lena Horne, Howard Keel, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, and Esther Williams)–has so much pleasure to offer that any purist quibbles seem minor. Not only have writers-directors-producers Bud Friedgen and Michael […]

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Spot Check

SCREAMIN’ CHEETAH WHEELIES 7/22, WORLD Rate them against their competition on this year’s H.O.R.D.E. tour and these Nashville yobbos begin to sound relatively OK. Mining the same decimated southern-fried-rock territory as the Black Crowes, Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies’ hard-rocking twin-guitar boogie-down excess earns points if only for its honesty. While other acts on this neohippie package […]

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He’s up and wagging, frisky for an old dog. Smart too, knows what I’m talking about–a walk in the forest preserve. Who says dogs can’t understand English? He’s out the back door, jumping up and down. Take it easy, boy, you’ll dislocate a bone! But it’s that kind of a morning, crisp and cool, perfect. […]

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Tiny Harvest

TINY HARVEST Studio 108 at the Greenview Arts Center What would we do without dysfunctional families? For the past 2,500-plus years, from those kooky guys and gals at the House of Atreus on, our theater has been utterly dependent on sick families for its stories. Tiny Harvest is just one more play featuring another in […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Italian physics student Lino Missio, 26, announced in May in Rome that he’d just patented a condom that will play Beethoven if it breaks during use. The condom is coated with a substance whose electrical conductivity changes when it’s ruptured, setting off a microchip that produces the sound. Missio said that instead of […]

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Bice Horszowski

Legendary pianists don’t fade away; they count on disciples and spouses to keep the flame going. Such is the case with Mieczyslaw Horszowski. In a distinguished career that started at the turn of the century, when he was nine years old, and ended a year ago with his death, the Polish-born pianist was best known […]

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Get It Into Your Life

UP AGAINST IT Lookingglass Theatre Company It’s interesting to speculate about what might have happened to pop music if the Beatles had chosen to star in Up Against It, whose dark, satirical film script had been commissioned from Joe Orton, master of subversive British farce. Instead of pursuing inconsequential druggie movies like Yellow Submarine and […]