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Beggin’ for Bootie

12-PLAY R. KELLY (JIVE) GET UP ON IT KEITH SWEAT (ELEKTRA) Nowhere is the resurgence of rhythm and blues more evident than in the ascendance of the new-and-improved slow jam. These ballads and mid-tempo laments, long a staple of adult-directed “quiet storm” radio formats, have been the upscale, “soft” antithesis of hip hop’s hard knocks. […]

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Getting Out

GETTING OUT, Transient Theatre. Though superficially its story deals with the struggle of ex-jailbird Arlene to confront the sordid environment responsible for her outlaw life, Marsha Norman’s Getting Out also traces the spiritual struggle of a brutalized, crippled human being to escape the gloomy conviction that there might be nothing better. But though her mother […]

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Leny Andrade

For the last 30 years or so American jazz fans have had little trouble cozying up to Brazilian vocalists, no matter how thin their jazz credentials. Even Brazil’s pop music has so much of what jazz listeners seek, in terms of rhythmic complexity and harmonic imagination, that it can carry many singers past their own […]

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Hot Buttered Roll

HOT BUTTERED ROLL, Rococo Rodeo, at Live Bait Theater. A frustrating curiosity from 1963, Rosalyn Drexler’s play is intensely performed in this Rococo Rodeo production but dramatically inert. In Hot Buttered Roll, a poor man’s American Buffalo, three lowlifes plot, then perpetrate a kinky scam against a rich, paralyzed old geezer. The play is intriguing […]

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Grant Park Symphony Orchestra

One of the most popular symphonies of our time will receive its local premiere this weekend. Though written in 1976, Henryk Gorecki’s Third Symphony was only “discovered” two years ago when the CD featuring Dawn Upshaw and the London Sinfonietta hit the classical best-seller chart. Its enormous appeal probably can be attributed to its solemn […]

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Rusty and Rico

RUSTY AND RICO, Colored Lights Productions, at Cafe Voltaire. Rusty is a Central Park prostitute, Rico a mayoral wannabe. After professing to love each other, you’d think they’d repair to the nearest hotel instead of lingering to dance under the stars, play childish pranks on alfresco diners, and revel in the specialness of their relationship. […]

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Killing Game

KILLING GAME, Two Planks Theatre Company, at the Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, Baird Hall. Now that Eugene Ionesco is finally dead, the truth can be told: he was a bore. Even the best plays in his much-vaunted theater of the absurd–The Bald Soprano, Exit the King, and The Rhinoceros–wear out their welcome long […]

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Explosive Journalism

To the Editor: Bravo! Bravo! I am writing in reference to the article from the August 5, 1994, issue of your newspaper on “Building Boom.” It was truly about time that most of those buildings which were noted in the article were decapitated, at least in print. I am most pleased with the cover photo […]