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Standing Up, Selling Out

BARK LIKE A COMIC at Victory Gardens Studio Some say our thumbs are what distinguish us from “lower life forms.” But I think it’s our sense of humor: it takes a set of pretty complex mental operations to transform the raw material of tragedy–busted-up marriages, unhappy childhoods, vague personal and philosophical discontent–into long, loud laughter. […]

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David S. Ware

Like his childhood mentor Sonny Rollins, saxophonist David S. Ware exploits his gargantuan tone to full effect. Having cut his teeth in New York’s potent 70s loft jazz scene, Ware worked with pianist Cecil Taylor (power-blowing in a particularly blustery mid-70s version of Taylor’s Unit) and later locked horns with trumpeter Ted Daniel in drummer […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In February, a court-sanctioned dispute resolution panel in Akron, Ohio, awarded a 37-year-old woman $3,000 to settle her defective-product lawsuit against Doc Johnson Products, maker of “marital aids.” The woman had claimed that the tip of the plastic “anal stimulator” her boyfriend bought her broke off the first time she used it, injuring […]

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Out With the Boys

ZZ TOP ROSEMONT HORIZON, JULY 29 AEROSMITH WORLD MUSIC THEATRE, AUGUST 6 Ah, testosterone. That ordinary reproductive hormone isn’t just a source of adventure, excitement, and ecstasy; it can also change your musical tastes. Without healthy doses of it–or at least a healthy appreciation for it–you could wind up listening to Counting Crows. With it […]

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Calm Down Mother

CALM DOWN MOTHER, Yugen Theatre, at Cafe Voltaire. Perhaps the spacious auditorium at the Halsted Theatre Centre is what made the last Chicago production of Calm Down Mother, in 1992, such an inchoate mess. And maybe the restrictive quarters of the Voltaire basement are responsible for the way Yugen Theatre focuses audience attention through economical […]

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Low Budget, Real Life

** MY LIFE’S IN TURNAROUND (Worth seeing) Directed and written by Eric Schaeffer and Donal Lardner Ward With Schaeffer, Ward, Lisa Gerstein, Dana Wheeler Nicholson, Debra Clein, Sheila Jaffe, John Sayles, Martha Plimpton, Phoebe Cates, and Casey Siemaszko. As a member of the New York film festival’s selection committee, I’ve seen or sampled close to […]

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Childe Byron

CHILDE BYRON, TinFish Productions, at the Greenview Arts Center. It would be difficult to make a piece of theater less visually interesting than TinFish’s production of Romulus Linney’s Childe Byron. First there’s the cramped Greenview Gallery, a basement room tiled with olive and puke-colored linoleum and dominated by a hanging sculpture that resembles a pair […]

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Number 4: Counter Attack

“We will cut the heads off the Americans…we will devour them,” said a 25-year-old bus driver, making eating noises as he pretended to gnaw on human bones. “Tell the Americans not to forget even if we don’t have weapons we have other spirits,” he said, warning that Haitians would send zombies to attack the Marines […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

Joseph Crosetto, a member of the artists’ collective known as Colsons Truck Group, exhibits his portraits this month at the Bop Shop in a show entitled “My Friends & Idiots.” (This one’s called Heart of Goldschlager.) There’s an opening party tonight (Friday) from 7 to 9:30 at the club, 1807 W. Division; the show runs […]