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The City File

Least appealing headline, from a recent appliance-company news release: “Honestly Now, When’s the Last Time You Cleaned Your Can Opener?” “What happened to [Chicagoan and soon-to-be-former Democratic National Committee chairman David] Wilhelm is an allegorical tale of Washington, in which the allegiance he offered to the president who appointed him was returned neither by Clinton […]

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Make-Believe Baseball/News Bites

Make-Belive Baseball When the baseball strike began, the Sun-Times shifted to the tumult and shouting of a “make-believe season.” STATS, Inc., of Skokie is syndicating this computer-generated fantasy to papers in most big-league cities, and the Sun-Times is giving it a page a day–a big commitment. Some purists immediately denounced virtual baseball as blasphemy. Otherwise, […]

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Around the Coyote

Taking its name from the Tower Building at the intersection of North, Damen, and Milwaukee, which once housed the Coyote Gallery, this multimedia arts event includes a sizable theater and performance segment. Running September 7 through 11, the fifth annual Around the Coyote features nine different productions at Centrum Hall, 1309 N. Ashland, and the […]

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Bobby Parker

Guitarist Bobby Parker is best known among R & B aficionados for his 1961 hit “Watch Your Step,” which influenced, among others, the Beatles (Lennon credited the song for inspiring the “Day Tripper” guitar riff) and Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant has cited Parker as a major musical role model). Now that Parker’s back in full […]

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The Cheap and the Dear

JAZZ DANCE WORLD CONGRESS at the Navy Pier Skyline Stage and Pick-Staiger Concert Hall of Northwestern University, August 20-24 Hoots, howls, and whistles flooded the Skyline Stage when handsome, tuxedoed soloist Tommi Kitti walked into a spotlight during the Jazz Dance World Congress and proceeded to remove his shoes, pants, and jacket. But this was […]

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Everyone’s an Artist

THE JEANETTE/GENETTI SHOW: DON’T MISUNDERSTAND MOLASSES Jeanette Welp and Carol Genetti at Link’s Hall, August 26 and 27 Performance has always been the Switzerland of the arts, a neutral place welcoming exiles from all media, no questions asked–the genre’s greatest strength and most crippling weakness. On the one hand, performance has provided a comfortable place […]

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Home, a new 11-minute film by Ulrike Reichhold, opens with a shot of Reichhold’s hand–the camera is in her other hand–turning on a water faucet. The flowing water has the effect of setting the film in motion, and the dense collage of images and sounds that follows intercuts more shots, mostly black and whites of […]

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Why I Love STP

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS UIC PAVILION, AUGUST 12 With the exception of Michael Bolton, Stone Temple Pilots are perhaps the most commercially successful critically reviled pop act of the new decade. Despite the reality–that STP’s sound combines grunge, acoustic guitars, heavy percussion, a punkish lead singer, and the kind of moody lyrics that sound like a […]

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Making the Streets Safe for Trees

Dear Reader readers: In response to Ben Joravsky’s July 15 article regarding recent concerns of some residents that isolated cases of tree leaf browning are occurring as a result of the City’s street resurfacing program, the Chicago Department of Transportation sought the expertise of one of the top tree specialists in the country to make […]

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Inward and Upward

ODILON REDON: PRINCE OF DREAMS at the Art Institute, through September 18 The Art Institute’s sublime Odilon Redon retrospective, organized somewhat chronologically, represents a kind of spiritual biography. Born in Bordeaux in 1840, Redon felt he had a miserable childhood: he was raised apart from his family until he was 11, probably due to his […]