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Stand By Your Woman

In response to T. Miller’s August 5th letter in which he or she assails cartoonist Heather McAdams for failing to include the Paul Bunyan restaurant in her gallantly jam-packed two page double-truck travel issue cartoon entitled “Hester Duzz Da Dells” [July 1], I’d like to say: If T. Miller spent more time on his or […]

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Paper Flowers

PAPER FLOWERS, Eliand Productions, at Cafe Voltaire. Given a few more weeks of rehearsal, Eliand Productions’ Paper Flowers could be challenging, could be layered with intriguing social and political undertones. As it is, Egon Wolff’s two-character drama about the immutability of class conflict and the emotional struggles of artists is far too tentative and uneasy. […]

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Our Heroes

*** QUIZ SHOW (A must-see) Directed by Robert Redford Written by Paul Attanasio With Rob Morrow, Ralph Fiennes, John Turturro, David Paymer, Christopher McDonald, Elizabeth Wilson, and Paul Scofield. Behind the opening and closing credits of Quiz Show we hear two different pop versions of “Mack the Knife”–Bobby Darin’s bright, Lyle Lovett’s funereal–perhaps an indication […]

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Field & Street

Bees were my nemesis when I was growing up. In a bad summer week I might get stung twice; during a good period I could go a couple months without being hit. I’m sure I never went a whole summer sting free, for our house in rural Indiana was purest heaven for bees and wasps. […]

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Not Quite Godunov

BORIS GODUNOV at Lyric Opera This is Lyric Opera’s 40th anniversary, and presumably the company wanted to pull out all the stops for its season opener, Modest Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov. On paper the production looks almost bulletproof: big-name opera with a decent Chicago track record and big-name bass Samuel Ramey. Even a simply competent performance […]

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Open Question

Dear Editors: I remember when I saw Tom Chiola’s campaign posters all over the city in February [“In and Out,” August 19]. I was curious about the pink triangles in the O’s of each word in the poster. Another thing I was curious about was why the points of the triangles pointed down. From all […]

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Paula Robison

One of the most endearing and durable flutists in the world, Paula Robison hasn’t performed solo in the Chicago area for more than a decade. Of course, local fans have had the pleasure of her company when she’s toured with comrades such as the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. But the chance to witness […]

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Heaton-Murphy Duo

Right now our town is blessed with an unusually large number of talented flutists and guitarists, so perhaps it’s inevitable that some of them should team up. Matthew Heaton and Shannon Murphy met when they were graduate students at Northwestern; he studied with guitar veteran Anne Waller and she with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Walfrid […]

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The Dub Credo

BRISE-GLACE WHEN IN VANITAS . . . (SKIN GRAFT) TORTOISE TORTOISE (THRILL JOCKEY) KING TUBBY AND FRIENDS DUB GONE CRAZY (BLOOD & FIRE) If you’re following closely, you’ll find repeated references to dub reggae in reviews of both When in Vanitas . . . and Tortoise. Surface characteristics do give the two records a dub […]

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Shallow Youth

AALIYAH AGE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER (JIVE) SHANICE 21 . . . WAYS TO GROW (MOTOWN) In most genres coming-of-age records are somewhat rare (rock’s proliferation of coming-of-middle-age records doesn’t count), but in R & B they’re a staple. Typically the COA recording signals an artist’s move beyond the influence of their Svengalis or […]