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Civic Orchestra of Chicago

I’m envious of the young apprentices of the Civic Orchestra. In October, Daniel Barenboim led them through a couple of rehearsals; last Sunday, Pierre Boulez dropped in to offer tips on how to approach Mahler’s Sixth Symphony, the same treat he gave the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the subscription concerts; and now Zubin Mehta, erstwhile […]

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Who Killed JFK

To the editors: The October 22 City File has attorney Elmer Gertz touting Posner’s Case Closed about the JFK murder by saying “It should be forced down the consciousness of Oliver Stone and other falsifiers of history.” That should be a tremendous force-feeding job, as over the years polls have shown a large majority of […]

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De La Soul/A Tribe Called Quest

De La Soul’s new Buhloone Mindstate features a drawing of the group’s three members–Posdnuos, Trugoy the Dove, and Baby Huey Maseo–with their lips pulled off their faces and tied in knots. Now what are we to make of that? The threesome’s playful, swirling, psychedelic debut, 3 Feet High and Rising, sliced the top off rap’s […]

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Wishbone Ash Is Alive and Well

To the editors: Ignorance, ineptitude, and some downright nastiness are evident in Peter Margasak’s October 29th one-sentence commentary on Wishbone Ash’s November 3rd pre-tour date at Beaumont [Spot Check]. As a classically trained musician and longtime connoisseur of both music and musical venues, I was appalled at Margasak’s pompous dismissal of Wishbone Ash’s pre-tour date […]

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Field & Street

Drive southwest from Chicago on I-55 and you pass through a microcosm of the midwest. You see endless flat fields that grow corn and soybeans in the summer but at this time of year are bare and black, their color revealing their prairie origins. Scattered here and there along the route are heaps of tailings […]

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Doug Elkins Dance Company

Considered baffling by some audiences and hilarious by others, NYC choreographer Doug Elkins defies easy labeling because he wears every label. His choreography reflects his experience as a kid who discovered dance in one of the most diverse cities on earth. George Balanchine, John Travolta, Martha Graham, Michael Jackson–Elkins steals from them all. The Patrooka […]

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Love Comics

LOVE COMICS Illinois Theatre Center Perhaps you’ve read them, those passion-filled pages of illustrated stories chronicling the joys and perils of love (Gasp! Sigh!), true love. They’re romance comic books of the 1950s, and during that decade they outsold all other categories of comic books, providing postwar adolescent females with the motivation to settle down […]

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Richard Goode

One of the most accomplished musicians around, pianist Richard Goode has both versatility and range: he’s an ace accompanist (especially in lieder recitals) and an uncommonly intelligent interpreter of a variety of styles. But he seems most at ease with Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms. With Beethoven, Goode has already gone through the rite […]

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Morgana King

The term “jazz diva” gets tossed around fairly indiscriminately; it’s been used to describe just about every improvising vocalist at one time or another. But thanks to her coloratura technique–replete with a startling dramaticism, flawless intonation, and a vibrato that can get as wide as the Mississippi–Morgana King may actually deserve the honorific. Disagreement might […]

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Masters of Modernism

ENSEMBLE INTERCONTEMPORAIN Pick-Staiger Hall, November 14 CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Orchestra Hall, November 27 and December 4 At a time when the serious-music creative community is fragmented and in danger of losing touch with even well-educated listeners, it’s heartening to see Pierre Boulez still going strong as an apostle and popularizer of 20th-century music. At 68, […]