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Good News, Bad News

To the Editors, Your News of the Weird feature sometimes runs a segment called “Unclear on the Concept.” Based on his reply to a letter about the environment (November 18), Harold Henderson may qualify for a mention. Mr. Henderson tells us that the “good news” is that life expectancies are increasing. For those of us […]

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8 Bold Souls HotHouse, December 11 Today’s jazz scene is a battleground. Just ask Wynton Marsalis, the most influential figure in jazz, who recently described it that way in the New Yorker. As artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, the 33-year-old trumpeter and composer has unprecedented opportunities to showcase the music through concerts, lectures, […]

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Views of the Weird

Dear Mr. Chuck Shepherd: I am writing to express my objection to an item I read in your column in the December 2, 1994, issue of the Reader. I regularly read your column [News of the Weird] and usually enjoy it, but I must express how offended I am at “The Weirdo-American Community” entry. In […]

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Steel Wool

For the last three years Boston drummer Curt Newton has flown to Chicago to join his old Beantown compatriot Ken Vandermark for annual tribute performances; recipients of their musical homages have been Eric Dolphy, Jimmy Lyons, Sun Ra, and George Clinton. This year’s excursion, however, marks a departure: the two will be joined by bassist […]

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The Love of a Good Man

THE LOVE OF A GOOD MAN, Shattered Globe Theatre. I’ve seen walk-in closets with more space than Shattered Globe has. Yet the company consistently turns this drawback into an asset, sacrificing sweeping sets for claustrophobic intimacy in stagings that quickly boil large issues down to the personal. Their current production is no exception. Howard Barker’s […]

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Mazel and Schlimazel

There’s something about a well-told folktale–as long as the storyteller doesn’t junk it up with lots of hokum: talking teapots, singing crabs, workaholic dwarfs. Maybe these stories appeal to my inner child, maybe their archetypal characters stimulate the unconscious, but I love things like Lynn Shapiro’s musical adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s children’s story, Mazel […]