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Songs of the Pogo

Actor Frank Farrell and keyboardist Benjamin Masterton have been developing their stage version of Walt Kelly nonsense songs for the past few years at spaces like Raven Theatre and the old Club Lower Links; but now they’ve expanded it into a full-length revue with the aid of director Richard Henzel, choreographer Ben Tweel, and a […]

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Not Found In Nature

Anne Mudge at Roy Boyd Gallery, through January 31 Anne Mudge is one of a growing number of artists for whom nature’s forms are a primary inspiration. Her five hanging sculptures at Roy Boyd Gallery, made of wire and wax and lead sinkers, are exquisitely delicate, even airy. The wires curve organically: one thinks of […]

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Exile From Guyville

Are you what and where you eat? Jody Stern’s December 2 review of Jane’s restaurant in Bucktown was rife with glittering generalities and simplistic distinctions–the sort of thinking that builds prejudice and barriers between people. She first describes the near north side as full of restaurants aimed at “conventioneers, Gold Coast fat cats, and other […]

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Dubious Achievement

Junior Brown Guit With It (Curb) 12 Shades of Brown (Curb) For many people who like country music but can’t stand the slick excesses of Nashville in the mid-1990s, Junior Brown seems to be the ideal alternative–a brand-new country artist who writes, sings, and behaves as if nothing important has happened in country music since […]

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Calendar Sidebar

The paintings of Will Northerner follow a crazy quilt style, layering stenciled imagery and translucent colors. A Reader illustrator for more than 15 years, he’s having his first one-man gallery show in Chicago since 1984. “Random Access: New Paintings by Will Northerner” opens this Friday night with a free reception from 6 to 10 PM […]

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Ready For Takeoff

Carnivale Animale at the Lunar Cabaret and Full Moon Cafe, through January 28 Stramonium at the Griffin Theatre Company, through January 28 In the mid-18th century Vienna had composers Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, and Gluck. In the mid-19th century Saint Petersburg had novelists Dostoyevski, Pushkin, Gogol, and Chernyshevsky. In the mid-20th century Cambridge had poets Frank […]

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Artists in Disguise

Dear Editor: I approached your “Fringe Dwellers” article [November 18] with a combination of admiration and contempt. I’ve got to respect people who are really doing it rather than talking about it, whatever “it” may be. Many a time I’ve recoiled with loathing when a stockbroker, lawyer or someone with a “real” job has confided […]

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Reader to Reader

Saturday afternoon, January 7: There were three bumper stickers on the station wagon parked in the fire lane of Blockbuster Video on Lawrence–a rebel flag, a KKK emblem, and the message “Racial Purity Is America’s Security.” Inside a 30-ish white guy with a three-day beard and a flannel hunting jacket slurred, “Where’s the Hitler movies? […]

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Mad Dog Lester Davenport

Harmonica player Lester Davenport’s first big break occurred in 1956 when he joined Bo Diddley’s touring band and cut a few sides with Bo on the Chess label. Despite that auspicious beginning, this master of the sweet-toned, emotionally rich Chicago harp style remained little more than a neighborhood celebrity on the west side until a […]

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Surfin’ USA

One Nation, Under Fraud Second City E.T.C. Soda Pop In-Pact Theatre Company at Organic Theater Greenhouse Lab Theater Got home Sunday night from the opening of Second City E.T.C.’s new revue, One Nation, Under Fraud. Clicked on the tube, and there was Saturday Night Live’s Mike Myers talking to Entertainment Tonight about the new wave […]