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Stones Sellout

Dear Sirs: In the October 14 Hitsville column, Bill Wyman shows blatant ignorance of the concert touring industry by wondering if the Rolling Stones were “fudging the capacity [of Soldier Field] so they could pat themselves on the back for undeserved sellouts,” and pointing out that some Soldier Field shows prior to the Stones’ performance […]

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Chicago String Ensemble

The tremulous strains of the mandolin, a favorite Mediterranean folk instrument, are familiar to composer Robert Lombardo, who grew up in a Sicilian household. A while back the Roosevelt University professor met up with Dimitris Marinos, the Greek emigre who’s made a name for himself in this country and Europe as a mandolin virtuoso. Impressed […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In November a judge in Oakland, California, dismissed the 1992 libel lawsuit More University filed against its former student, Allan Steele, along with Steele’s fraud claim. Steele, disillusioned after allegedly paying more than $200,000 in tuition for a “Ph.D. in Sensuality,” had called the school merely a cult that featured prostitution and drug […]