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Evelyn Glennie

A native of Scotland, Evelyn Glennie lost much of her hearing by age 12. Around the same time, with characteristic determination, she decided to take up percussion. Three years later she won a scholarship to attend London’s Royal Academy of Music. By then she’d learned how to compensate for her disability. When performing with other […]

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The Straight Dope

A few years ago I heard of a process where perishable foods such as milk and lettuce were bombarded with radiation to dramatically increase their shelf life. This process also killed off bacteria and vermin. Foreign countries seemed to employ this with positive results. There was talk of using this process in the U.S., with […]

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Laughing Hyenas

This ten-year-old Ann Arbor quartet’s biggest shortcoming has been its incessant self-ghettoization. While their music is clearly an extension of the proud Detroit rock lineage–MC5, Stooges–their insistence that they’re a modern blues band is just plain dopey. Infighting and drug problems have laced the band’s history, but that’s hardly unique. Their somewhat offensive claims of […]

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Premature Adulation

Jacky Terrason Joe Segal’s Jazz Showcase February 3-5 On the cold first weekend in February, Jacky Terrasson–a hot pianist, with a hot new album, riding a wave of superheated publicity–arrived at the Jazz Showcase for his official Chicago unveiling. He brought with him a valise full of technique, a flair for rhythmically inventive arrangements, and […]

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The City File

Come here often? I SAID, COME HERE OFTEN? “In other experiments, anurans (frogs and toads) living near highway noise could not determine the direction of sound sources as well as those living in quieter places,” reports Ronald Larkin in Illinois Natural History Survey Reports (January/February). “The males near highways altered their calling and spaced themselves […]