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Johnny Giffin

The new album by saxophonist Johnny Griffin, Chicago, New York, Paris (Verve), celebrates his 50th year playing jazz by offering stylistic representations of the three major cities he’s lived and worked in. It sets out to collect blues-based material from Chicago, bebop from New York, and ballads from Paris, yet no half-baked concept can long […]

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Family Secrets

Family Secrets, Royal George Theatre Center. Retired accountant Mort Fisher, the first of five characters Sherry Glaser plays in her hilarious and disturbing one-woman show, always believed in the American dream of assimilation and affluence: this perplexed patriarch gave his family all the happiness and security money could buy. So why is his teenage daughter […]

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Archers of Loaf

With their new album Vee Vee (reviewed this week in section one), Chapel Hill’s Archers of Loaf should put to rest the comparisons to Superchunk and Pavement that have plagued them since their first single three years ago. It’s true that the band’s rock-out enthusiasm mirrors Superchunk’s, just as their careening detuned guitars recall Pavement, […]

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Snow Job

To the Editor: Forget that Mancow is a doughy, sophomoric, cowardly imp. Forget that most of his audience are impressed by that. What’s most disturbing about the March 31 cover story on Mancow Muller is not the subject, but Grant Pick’s self-serving attempt to make us feel that really, underneath it all, Mancow’s a caring […]

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Tish Hinojosa’s Border Tour

This lineup beautifully captures the inherent multiculturalism of Austin roots music. Country, Tex-Mex, blues, R & B, rock, conjuntos: Austin artists mix ‘n’ match ’em without a second thought. Don Walser’s new album Rolling Stone From Texas (Watermelon) covers both halves of country and western by offering rich cowboy tunes such as “Cowpoke” to counter […]

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Mother’s Tongue

PJ Harvey To Bring You My Love (Island) PJ Harvey’s new record, To Bring You My Love, reminds me of the debate over the peculiar powers of the female voice that has been building over the last couple of decades in a few enclaves of critical and cultural theory. In a recent collection of essays, […]

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Fair Play

In “Vinyl Resting Place,” the piece I wrote profiling Raffe’s Record Riot in the April 14 Reader, I mentioned that Raffe Simonian has his own radio show on Saturday mornings from 8 to 10 on WJJG (1530 AM). Actually he is an occasional guest host on Bob Knack’s show of the same name. Bob’s show […]

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Somatic Larynx Waltz

By definition, a first-time collaboration is a unique and unpredictable event; so no one can tell you exactly what to anticipate at this intersection of instrumental and vocal musics and dance. Vocal artist Theo Bleckmann provides a powerful incentive not only to attend but also to leave expectations at the door. A collaborator of Meredith […]

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Credit Check

Dear Editor, As one of the makers of Hoop Dreams, it would have been nice to have gotten some recognition from Michael Miner in his article about Ben Joravsky and our film [Hot Type, April 14], especially since he was on the phone to me three times over two days to get information for the […]