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Posted inFilm

Cut to the Left

*** HOOP DREAMS (A must-see) Directed by Steve James, Frederick Marx, and Peter Gilbert. Documentary filmmakers Steve James, Frederick Marx, and Peter Gilbert must have faced a critical choice when they made Hoop Dreams: would they imprint their politics on the lives of two aspiring basketball stars from Cabrini-Green and West Garfield Park, or would […]

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Arrested Development

Zingalamaduni, Arrested Development’s second album, is well on its way to becoming an industry metaphor for failed expectations after an acclaimed debut. But that’s not entirely the record’s fault. For one, it’s been two full years since 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of . . . had its peak, and […]

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Airy Visions

CLAUDIA MATZKO at Feigen, through November 12 At first Claudia Matzko’s Chorus isn’t much to look at. One of six 1994 works now on view at Feigen, it consists of three large plate-glass rectangles suspended by fishing line from the ceiling. A small black box sits on the floor next to each plate, a wire […]

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Business as Usual/News Bites

Business as Usual Anyone as fallible as a politician will fail the exacting standards of an editorial page. Jim Edgar has been amply praised by the Tribune during his term as governor. He’s also been lectured and ridiculed, and it’s this language we wish to repeat. Just this month the Tribune chastised the governor for […]

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The Straight Dope

I hope you can help me with this one–most of my friends think I’m crazy. I am convinced my physical presence has the ability to make streetlights burn out. On an average night walking through a parking lot, at least one or two streetlights will go out when I approach, then regain their luminous state […]

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Flying Solo

LEROY JENKINS HOTHOUSE, OCTOBER 21 A jazz musician playing alone is like a tightrope walker working without a net. Playing a music of rhythmic verve, he lacks a rhythm section. Playing a music of spirited interplay, he lacks the company of others. And when the musician’s instrument happens to be the violin, he’s working not […]

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The City File

This file ain’t big enough for the both of us, I reckon. “The idea of a vast, open territory has led some to compare cyberspace with the American frontier of a hundred years ago,” write Richard Klau and Erik Heels in the Chicago-based Student Lawyer (October). “On the one hand, there is no law–as of […]

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Cole Porter–No Regrets

COLE PORTER–NO REGRETS, Apollo Theater Center. To borrow a line from Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” crooner-monologuist Don Powell should use his mentality, wake up to reality: he can’t act or sing well enough to carry off this one-man musical about Porter’s life and work. A retired pop-music exec, writer-performer Powell has […]

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Not a Lefty

Your picture of Bootsy Collins [Section Three, October 7] was backwards, giving the impression he’s a left-handed bassist. He is not. The neck of his bass was dangerously aimed west in his show at the Cubby Bear and his silver sleeve draped on his right arm. Bootsy’s not some Milquetoast left-handed embarrassment. Bootsy is a […]

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Wyman is a Fool

Bill Wyman is a fool. He despises the Stones, this fact he documented a few weeks ago on the cover page of Section Three [Hitsville, July 29]. So why did he drag his ass to Soldier Field to see them [Rock Etc., September 23], spending valuable time he could have used listening to the latest […]

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Forever Plaid

FOREVER PLAID, Royal George Cabaret Theatre. Vastly superior to Wisdom Bridge’s 1990 production, this staging of Stuart Ross and James Raitt’s tribute to 50s pop is a glorious blend of goofy comedy and gorgeous singing. A male quartet called the Four Plaids make the ultimate comeback, returning to earth 30 years after their tour van […]