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The Actor

This 1993 film by the eclectic and talented Iranian Mohsen Makhmalbaf (The Peddler, Marriage of the Blessed) is a contemporary, semitragic farce about a burly film actor who wants to play only in art films but is forced by his family’s economic demands to act in a string of trashy commercial movies. His tormented wife, […]

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Love Hate

HOLE METRO, OCTOBER 21 Though all of Courtney Love’s songs, from “Teenage Whore” to “I Think That I Would Die,” have an autobiographical tilt to them, no song title seems to sum up her present predicament better than “Asking for It.” Was she asking for it? Did she ask you nice? Was she asking for […]

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AMBROSIO, Teatro Vista, at Edgewater Presbyterian Church. Romulus Linney’s darkly rhapsodic drama based on a Gothic thriller from 1795, The Monk, is essentially a potboiler in which the title monk is ruined by a fiendish plot. But Edward F. Torres’s sober 80-minute Teatro Vista staging downplays the camp elements, emphasizing instead the agonies of a […]