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Rhapsody In Blue

Portishead Vic, April 25 The first time I listened to Howlin’ Wolf’s “Shake for Me” I was struck by how ragged it sounded. Not ragged in the sense of the raw emotionalism of the prewar Delta bluesmen, but ragged in the band’s brawny layering of sounds. My rock aesthetic had prepared me for fiery, out-of-control […]

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Field & Street

On May 9, 1985, my cousin Janet came to my house for dinner, and we ate the fruit of an avocado in a salad. After dinner I carefully scrubbed the lustrous skin of the dark avocado seed, removing all the pulpy mush, and poured water in a glass one of my roommates had stolen from […]

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Sexual Healing

Dance Fusion Soul & Duende Spanish American Dance Theatre and Near East Heritage Dance Theatre at the Bop Shop, April 23 Psychokinetic Debra R. Levasseur and Robynne M. Gravenhorst at Link’s Hall, April 28-29 Unless you put a flamenco dancer and a belly dancer side by side, as the recent “Dance Fusion” concert did, you’ll […]

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Ready for the River

Impulse Theatre Company, at the Body Politic Studio Theatre. If all Impulse Theatre put onstage were Ken Puttbach’s brilliantly economical set and lighting and director Stephen Gray’s uncannily evocative stage pictures, this could be a truly fantastic production of Neal Bell’s surrealistic road drama Ready for the River. Sitting in eerily dim light, hearing the […]

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Family Matters

Dear Editor: Finally! A comprehensive, good understanding of the DCFS and court systems as they relate to abused and neglected children and families [“The Children’s Crusade,” March 24]. While the Chicago Tribune has sensationalized (and to a lesser degree, the Sun-Times) stories of children abused while involved with DCFS, Richard Wexler has written a fair […]