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By Bill Wyman JUNE Friday 2 The toadying young Republicans who carry about Tocqueville’s landmark study Democracy in America in emulation of their leader, Newt Gingrich, must not have gotten to the part about majority rule’s potential oppressiveness–the sort that develops when a government goes after civil rights and free speech. To learn more about […]

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Son of the Shark

In her first feature, Son of the Shark (1993), which deals with troubled adolescence in a rural French town, Agnes Merlet assiduously avoids using psychoanalysis to explain societal ills. Rather, she matter-of-factly depicts the wasted lives of two brothers through a series of evocative vignettes that accumulate emotional power. Martin and Simon are street urchins […]

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Field & Street

“By the time I started writing I was in such a state of grief that the only thing that sustained me was that I could go outside and just lie facedown on the earth,” said Alice Walker, describing in a talk in San Francisco how she survived the trauma of writing Possessing the Secret of […]