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Reader to Reader

The sound of two large dogs fighting and one man howling in fear and pain destroyed the dark peace of the neighborhood one night. A German shepherd on the block had slipped through his gate and charged a neighbor walking his bearlike Lab-Rottweiler. By the time anyone could intervene, the shepherd’s teeth were clamped tight […]

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Her Own Private Paradise

Martha Ehrlich: One Hundred Paintings at Space Gallery, through June 30 Recently many artists have rejected their grand roles in the Western tradition as high priests, as creators of icons, as “the antennae of the race,” in Ezra Pound’s words. They’ve replaced the quest for God or truth or answers to eternal questions with images […]

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Spot Check

SUGAR RAY 6/16, METRO Whites in America have a long history of co-opting the music of blacks and assimilating it into the predominant culture with little grace. Back in the 60s the folk-blues revival inspired scads of heavy-handed rockers to borrow blatantly from the blues, tarnishing a once-pure form with gobs of overwrought self-indulgence. Today […]

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Relative Strangers

Magic If Productions, at the Theatre Building. David is HIV positive. Marie, his doting mother, and Ben, his doting lover, initially quarrel over who will nurse him in his final days, but as David’s condition worsens his caretakers discover how much they have in common beyond their shared sorrow and frustration. As they bond, we […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In September the South Dakota Supreme Court upheld a divorce court ruling that the dissolution of a couple’s marriage was clearly the fault of the husband. The divorce court had found that among the man’s several disturbing patterns was his habit of passing gas around the house and reacting testily when his wife […]

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Dead On Stage

The Enunciation (What the Oxen Said) at Chicago Filmmakers, through June 24 In 1952–at the height of America’s love affair with poetic realism, so comfortably ensconced behind its seemingly impregnable fourth wall–John Cage and Merce Cunningham created a theatrical mini-riot at North Carolina’s Black Mountain College with an untitled event in the college dining hall […]

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Sue Your Ex

Sue Your Ex, ImprovOlympic. A sort of Fun With Torts, ImprovOlympic’s new Friday-night concoction is billed as Chicago’s first comedy courtroom (though in 1970 Judge Julius Hoffman and the Chicago Seven came close). Exploiting our voyeuristic delight in hearing other people confess their crack-ups, the performers (alumni of Northwestern University’s Mee-Ow Show) may have found […]