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A Master’s Voice

Roscoe Mitchell’s New York-Detroit Connection HotHouse, June 10 From Louis Armstrong to Ornette Coleman, most of the major advances in jazz have been achieved by players in their 20s and 30s. But listening to elder statesman Roscoe Mitchell play rich and daring music makes me wonder what further surprises he has in store for the […]

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Sykes and Nancy

Charles Dickens’s novels have been natural sources for dramatic presentations–you don’t have to know the whole plot of one of his epics to enjoy a character or episode from it. But the London-based Oddbodies, consisting of actors Paul De Ville Morel and Tanya Scott-Wilson, don’t simply perform passages from the printed page; they may incorporate […]

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Far From the Edge

The Hundreth Monkey Polo Brothers through June 25 Short Hair/Real Job No Limit Productions throught June 24 Will and Testament Fredric Stone through June 25 Chicago Fringe Festival, at the Organic Theater In a land where Hollywood producers can’t get enough of militant black leaders and multiethnic lesbians, in a land where advertising executives use […]

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When Bodeco’s Ricky Feather grasps his guitar and hunches over the mike like a pro wrestler waiting for his opponent, his band becomes something more than a hell-bent, primitive rock ‘n’ roll combo. Feather doesn’t just inhabit the group’s primordial grooves–a seething mix of bluesy Bo Diddley rhythms and swampy white-trash guitar undulations–he’s possessed by […]

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The Tender Land

The Tender Land, Aaron Copland’s only opera besides a student work, is a midwestern pastoral tinged with sadness and sentimentality. Its plot, set during the Depression, is simple, direct, almost archetypal. A farmer’s daughter falls in love with a migrant harvester, and when he fails to keep a promise to elope with her she goes […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Four Irish Republican Army inmates in Britain and the family of an inmate murderer in New Jersey have filed lawsuits against prisons for injuries recently incurred during separate escape attempts. In the New Jersey case, Giovanni A. Almovodar, 18, awaiting trial on a murder charge, died when he fell on his head after […]

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The 1995 Chicago Fringe Festival

Making its debut so soon after the demise of the International Theatre Festival of Chicago, this brand-new project seems to challenge the notion that the Windy City isn’t hospitable to events of this kind. Producers John T. Mills and James Ellis hope to succeed where others have failed by offering a more sharply defined image […]

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Wild Carnation

Wild Carnation embodies the best of American rock music from the 80s. That’s probably because Brenda Sauter, the trio’s singer and bassist, once played with the Feelies, one of the best bands of the 80s. Her new group draws freely from the Feelies’ bag of tricks, wielding briskly strummed guitars, propulsive meters, and understated singing […]

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Africa Fete

Haiti’s Boukman Eksperyans has demonstrated an impressive ability to weather adversity. Last summer the group’s bassist Michael Melthon Lynch died of bacterial meningitis; antibiotics that could have saved him were unavailable in Haiti due to the U.S. embargo that followed the overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Shortly thereafter the group found themselves stranded in the middle […]