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Willem Breuker Kollektief

Plenty of people don’t know quite what to make of the collective led by reedman Willem Breuker, but don’t blame them: Breuker has designed his nonet and his repertoire to purposely blur as many lines of demarcation as possible. Is it music or performance art? When his entire band of high-flying Dutchmen begins shouting and […]

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On Stage: the Trapp Family Swingers

“Sound of Music was one of those love-to-hate movies for me,” says Maile Flanagan, explaining why she decided to create a one-woman parody of the Rodgers and Hammerstein schmaltz classic. “Everything is so sickly sweet, and you know it’s such a twisted reality underneath. Julie Andrews’s character is so nice it’s unbelievable, and the relationships […]

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The Sports Section

Day or night, there is something about the first glimpse of a ballpark’s lighting standards, something to do with the promise of green grass tucked into the urban sprawl beneath them, like an oasis under a pocket of palm trees. The odd thing is, this cheerful association is so strong for a baseball fan it […]

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Pinata Full of Bees

Pinata Full of Bees, Second City. In a society like ours it’s all too easy to confuse a change in packaging with a change in product–in fact, such confusion is encouraged. So it’s refreshing to find that Pinata Full of Bees, directed by Tom Gianas, not only improves on the packaging of the average Second […]

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Who Sells Out?

Dear Editor, I was very happy to see Steve Albini’s name being mentioned (“Don’t Blame Punk”) in an otherwise mundane debate over the “punk aesthetic” [Letters, June 9]. (Actually, the punk fanzine Maximum Rock N Roll settled that years ago.) I miss Steve Albini. The Reader should do an article about “selling out” so that […]

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Sweat Boys

The Sweat Offensive Pretzelrod Productions at the Organic Theater Company Greenhouse, through August 28 We all tell stories. Stories to explain ourselves, to describe our experiences. Stories to create the illusion that we have some power over our lives and the world. And we all love to listen to stories for the same reasons–it’s great […]

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Spot Check

FILTER, DIE CHEERLEADER 7/7, METRO Following in the dubious footsteps of the laughably stupid Dink, who hail from Kent, Ohio, Cleveland’s Filter have found surprising success with a debut album of post-Nine Inch Nails industrial-flavored rock. That record, Short Bus (Reprise), sets the band’s technological blitzkrieg in a quasi-metal landscape, feeding angst-hungry kids the bubblegum […]

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All the Blood

Cosmic Travel Agency Theatre Company, at Le Cafe. It would be easy to dismiss this new work by an ensemble recently arrived from Chico, California. Gabrielle Suzanne Kaplan’s earnest, awkward play chronicles the halfhearted efforts of a closeted gay brother and his sister, an abused wife, to break free from Altoona, Pennsylvania. Its scene fragments […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In May a small plane dropped more than 100 pornographic photos near a Department of Energy plant dismantling nuclear weapons in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Police suspected that the culprit was the former boyfriend of the woman in the photos, a plant employee who’d accused him of stalking her. And two weeks earlier in […]

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Body & Soul

Body & Soul, Head Lemming Theatre Company, at A Red Orchid Theater. John Mighton’s entertaining but sketchy, undeveloped script typifies the problems with contemporary playwriting. He takes a handful of mildly controversial social topics–the collapse of the institution of marriage, the glorification of self-appointed expert/gurus, sexual fetishization–and combines them with thinly drawn oddball types (Jane, […]