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Radical Chic

THE CRADLE WILL ROCK Splinter Group Studio THE THREEPENNY OPERA Magellan Theatre at the Synergy Center In an atmosphere of new-right resurgence, it’s interesting to see young theater companies turning to the old left for inspiration. Perhaps ambivalence about present-day politics is stirring artists to reexamine uncompromising, politically charged musicals of the 1920s and ’30s. […]

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A Write-in Writes In

Whenever you have censorship, whether by government or the media, democracy suffers. In his article “Running Against Rosty” [October 28], Adam Langer mentions only in passing that I am running as an Independent in this race. As a community psychiatrist and 4th-generation Chicagoan, I entered the race against Rostenkowski to fight crime on our streets […]

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Anwhere but This Place

To the editors: I wanted to set the record straight about my review of “Traveling,” the Felix Gonzalez-Torres exhibition at the Renaissance Society (October 21). Due to an editorial error, an untitled piece comprised of two stacks of posters bearing the phrases “Somewhere better than this place” and “Nowhere better than this place” was listed […]

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The Straight Dope

How is it, during the days of tight money when few people, particularly those born in this country, can secure loans to start businesses, that Korean-owned-and-operated deli/grocery stores continue to spring up like mushrooms on almost every block of most major U.S. cities? Where does this money come from? Second, how do these places justify […]

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Jack DeJohnette & the Chicago All-Stars

Powerhouse drummer Jack DeJohnette grew up in Chicago, and this homecoming finds him in charge of an extraordinary band that telescopes more than 30 years of local history. Von Freeman forged his unique tenor style during the swing-to-bop transition of the 40s; the hard-bop years tempered pianist Jodie Christian and trumpeter/saxist Ira Sullivan, and led […]

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Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett’s latest release, I Love Everybody, isn’t really a new album; it’s a time-marking collection of older songs he wrote but never recorded. While the songs contain his usual amalgam of soul, country, rock, folk, and gospel, they are easier to think about thematically; indeed, they’re helpfully ladled onto the album in three distinct […]

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The City File

You’ve heard of lost wetlands, but have you shed a tear for the midwestern beavers? Donald Hey and Nancy Philippi, in a recent publication of the Chicago-based Wetlands Initiative, estimate that the upper Mississippi and Missouri river basins have lost 26 million acres of water surface area since white settlement began–and perhaps 51 million acres […]

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Dinosaur Jr.

In the lean years of the 1980s there were two categories of artists being unjustifiably ignored: first those who were unquestionably major talents–R.E.M. say–who’d obviously connect with large numbers of people given the exposure, and second artists who were more idiosyncratic, less essential, but interesting nonetheless; their diversity and energy enlivened rock’s subcultures. Now, in […]

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A Career in Punk

HUSKER DU The Living End (Warner Bros) BOB MOULD Poison Years (Virgin) SUGAR File Under: Easy Listening (Ryko) One day back in 1986, my friend Jeanne, the leader of a struggling punk band, asked me who I was writing about. When I told her Husker Du, she snapped back, “What could you possibly say about […]

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Field & Street

I leaned against the concrete wall of a downtown bank building, waiting for a friend to get off work. I used to work in the Loop too, in an office next to the bank. Then as now, the cement plaza in front of the building was lined with 24 locust trees planted in raised boxes […]