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Dirty Dating

Famous Door’s Dating Game: Uncensored Famous Door Theatre Company How to Meet Girls Zebra Crossing Theatre I’m not convinced that game-show hosts are fully human. They never seem to come from anywhere in particular, except maybe other game shows, materializing before us like highly advanced alien life forms (it’s not a strain to imagine wires […]

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It’s possible that no band so beloved has been so taken for granted. After a full 20 years of commercial-flop albums, unrelenting touring, and, oh, yes, having forever changed the course of rock ‘n’ roll, the Ramones are threatening to hang it up: leader Joey Ramone says he’s exhausted, and to make the point plain, […]

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Reader to Reader

It was a beautiful blue-sky Saturday, and the Cubs were playing the Saint Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field. Around the fourth inning a thirtysomething woman attempted to explain baseball to her Australian date, who was witnessing the game for the first time. “You see, the reason why so many people here cheer for the Cubs […]

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Scatting Grace: Ten Stories

Raised by Wolves, at Urbus Orbis. Penned by director John Sudar and other members of the Raised by Wolves ensemble, this evening of ten fragmentary, cryptic, despairing tales focuses on weakly articulate, pain-ridden people: a gangster boss haunted by the woman who got away, a hooker and her forlorn john, a south-side con artist who […]

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The Sports Section

Patrolling the Comiskey Park outfield during batting practice, Mike Pazik didn’t quite seem at home–not yet, anyway. After three and a half years serving as White Sox general manager Ron Schueler’s special assistant, Pazik returned to uniform last week as the team’s pitching coach–the third person to hold the hot-seat position this long, troubled season. […]

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Destroy All Givens

Bruce Goff: Compositions at the Art Institute, through September 4 Two floors below the crowds trooping in and out of the Art Institute’s Monet show, in a narrow room off the photography galleries, are 30 of Bruce Goff’s “compositions,” as he called them. These watercolor, tempera, and ink images on paper explode with radiant abstract […]

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The Day the Sun Turned Cold

A remarkably effective and provocative contemporary Chinese melodrama (1994), based on a recent murder case in mainland China (where much of the movie was filmed), and written and directed by the talented Cantonese filmmaker Yim Ho (Homecoming, King of Chess). Told mainly in flashbacks, the story describes what happens when a worker in his 20s […]

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Spot Check

BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS 8/18, METRO On their forthcoming Cool and Steady and Easy (Groovetown/RCA) Brooklyn Funk Essentials attempt an inclusive street brew that combines hip-hop, jazz, funk, Latin grooves, dancehall, and soul. They alternately suggest acts like US3, the Groove Collective, Guru, Repercussions, Me’Shell NdegeOcello, and Buckshot LeFonque, among others, but never form an identity […]

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Credit Check

Dear Kristin [Ostberg]: Loved the piece on the Checkerboard Lounge [“Got Them They-Don’t-Play-’em-Like-They-Used-To Blues,” July 21]! I’m hoping to do a TV story on the Checkerboard one of these days myself. I wanted to correct an apparent oversight in your well-researched story: On the reference to bluesman Robert Johnson, the author is Peter Guralnick, not […]