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Spot Check

LOW 9/22, METRO On its second album, Long Division (Vernon Yard), the spartan Duluth trio Low doesn’t do much to alter its brand of post-Galaxie 500 somnambulism. As on last year’s nicely catatonic debut, the soothing voices of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker haunt the band’s pin-drop musical evocations like drifting ghosts. From its incessant […]

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Street Values

Clockers * * * (A must-see) Directed by Spike Lee Written by Lee and Richard Price With Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer. Originally conceived as a vehicle for Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, the movie Clockers, based on Richard Price’s acclaimed crime novel, has taken on a different complexion in the […]

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Politically Corrupt

Mariposa Strawdog Theatre Company A week after the Tiananmen Square massacre, I found myself in New York’s Museum of Modern Art standing next to an American painter of moderate renown. Upset about the Chinese government’s slaughter of pro-democracy students, she told her friend that she was planning a series of collages based on the incident. […]

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Hailing from Sicily–a region not exactly known for its noisy rock bands–Uzeda possess a distinctly European take on aggressive American postpunk. On 1993’s impressive Steve Albini-recorded Waters (A.V. Arts) the stop-on-a-dime precision and broad dynamic range of drummer Davide Oliveri and bassist Raffaele Gulisano combine with the skewed twin-guitar attack of Agostino Tilotta and Gianni […]

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Our Town

Our Town, Bailiwick Repertory. Fusing oral language, sign language, and movement, director Cecilie Keenan offers a fluid and sometimes invigorating revival of Thornton Wilder’s timeless work. Her goal is to enlarge Grover’s Corners beyond speech; and set designer Rick Paul’s lattice of ladders suggests that this production won’t remain on one plane. At least three […]

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Indie Father

Edwyn Collins Double Door, September 14 The destination sign on the powder blue tour bus parked in front of the Double Door pointed to the obscurity of its occupant: “No One You Would Know.” But notoriety often comes with perseverance. Ask the bus’s passenger, Edwyn Collins, whose recent single “A Girl Like You” is now […]

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Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, Theatre Building. Charles Busch’s campy comedy, a raunchy collage of ancient and modern mythic kitsch, is a showcase for hilarious drag clowning and ingenious visual design under Doug-las L. Hartzell’s direction. It tells of two blood-sucking bisexuals whose misadventures span millennia. Their first meeting, in pagan Sodom and Gomorrah (“the Twin […]

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Hands-On Experience

The Museum: The Art of Communication Chicago Actors Ensemble, through September 23 Very few art exhibits invite viewers to play along. Participation at interactive galleries generally falls into the safe zones of button pushing, video watching, and moving through altered space, often mimicking the entertainment-as-education model of children’s museums. What a pleasure, then, to encounter […]