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Mozart & Salieri

MOZART & SALIERI, Teatro Tout Bagai!, at Le Cafe. Most of us are familiar with Salieri’s jealous agonies through Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, but Shaffer wasn’t the first to explore Salieri’s poisonous love for Mozart’s work. In the early 19th century, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote the 40-minute playlet Mozart & Salieri, which is made up of […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story Early in the morning on October 30 a man described by the New York Daily News as a “career criminal” was apprehended in the middle of a burglary at an upscale Fire Island home. The residents had been awakened by noises but found no one until they heard flatulence coming from behind a […]

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Meditations on Mortality

Xsight! Performance Group at the Josephine Louis Theatre of Northwestern University, December 2 and 3 I didn’t know Tim O’Slynne to talk to, but I miss him as a performer. I miss his funny nasal voice with its little Texas twang. I miss his schizophrenic changes in mood. I miss his brutal sense of humor, […]

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The Woolgatherer

THE WOOLGATHERER, Kenway Players, at Cafe Voltaire. William Mastrosimone’s The Woolgatherer comes from the baking-soda-and-vinegar school of drama: Take two contrasting characters, stick them in a bowl, shake it up, and watch the emotional volcano. Rose is a timid dreamer, so sweet and innocent she makes Tennessee Williams’s Laura Wingfield look like Camille Paglia. Into […]

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A Dickens Carol

A DICKENS CAROL, Act Now Productions, at Turn Around Theatre. Dickens’s hardy classic gets the improv treatment, in a staging by Marshall Crawford and Pepper Stebbins, with results that range from sidesplitting to semistupid. The occasion is an 1851 reading of A Christmas Carol at Dickens’s home, spiced up with audience suggestions in nine areas […]

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A Christmas Carol

This Christmas Carol may be a cash cow, but among the truths in Tom Creamer’s class-conscious adaptation is one that’s central to charity and kindness: we’re all “fellow passengers to the grave.” There’s also a timely slam at religious hypocrites who, in the name of a forgiving Savior, deny mercy to all but themselves. The […]

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What Women Want

Epic Soundtracks, Evan Dando Lounge Ax, November 18 Lupins Metro, November 23 Not in four decades of pop music has a rock star elicited such extreme reactions among young people as Evan Dando. He has inspired both a fanzine devoted solely to not liking him and a song by the young boys of Noise Addict […]

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Po-Mo Repros

Daniel Oliver at Lyons Wier Gallery, through December 31 Dan Oliver’s eight new paintings at Lyons Wier brought a smile to my face. They look like Piet Mondrian abstractions, and in fact seven are life-size copies of Mondrians. But in several of the solid rectangles that characterize Mondrian’s mature pictures Oliver has placed silhouettes of […]

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The Straight Dope

Did you ever uncover the mystery behind the tiny ring that one sometimes gets in the ears? You know, that tiny pitch you may hear in one ear that temporarily blocks out sound and you think some CIA agent is trying to contact you through some unknown computer chip in your head? (Well, maybe not […]