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Beating the Heat

You won’t find me complaining about the cold this winter–I swore not to this summer during the heat wave. The heat wave changed all of our lives. My boss, Erma, fled her Sandburg Terrace condo for the coolness of the lake, but there she was met with a new problem. You never really know who […]

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Alot better than one might have expected, this remake of Billy Wilder’s weakest romantic comedy of the 50s manages to minimize the jaded, dirty-old-man aspect of the sub-Lubitsch original (a flaw it shares with Wilder’s Love in the Afternoon) with better casting. Humphrey Bogart certainly had his gifts, but Harrison Ford makes a much better […]

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Scalped Again!/Schmitsville

Scalped Again! One year after he was wrenched out of the loving arms of the only parents he’d ever known, the five-year-old child we are calling Baby Richard still cries every night. Meanwhile the birth parents who abandoned him continue to– Oh, wait a minute. My apologies; I got my columnistic crusades mixed up for […]

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Reader to Reader

Excuse me?” she said, waving to get my attention. It was a weekday afternoon, and the woman was standing in the street next to a rusty blue sedan, parked on Ashland just south of Division. By the open passenger’s-side door stood a young man. “Excuse me?” she repeated. I knew I shouldn’t, but I stopped. […]

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Too Much Too Soon

The Embarrassment Heyday 1979-83 (Bar/None) The Scene Is Now The Oily Years (1983-1993) (Bar/None) Since underground music has crawled into the limelight we’ve witnessed a steady stream of yobbos smearing dirt on their mugs, calling it credibility, and quickly taking the plush seat offered by the fat man with the fat cigar and the fat […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’ve been using one of those shower anal douches for about a year now and I’ve always wondered if there are any long-term side effects I should be aware of. Is using the douche once or twice a week too often? Am I washing away good bacteria? How do the prostate and colon […]

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The Lighter Side of God

Sheryn Singer: Immaculate Perceptions Nancy Bromberg: Greetings From the Gallery A-Go-Go Patrick Duncan: Prayer Shrines at Aron Packer Gallery, through January 6 In 1988 Chicago’s Old Saint Patrick’s Church announced an art competition for a depiction of the Virgin and Child, offering a $10,000 prize to the winner. When that piece and the runners-up were […]

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The Sports Section

Dennis Rodman came down with one of his awkward, rag-doll rebounds and flipped the ball to Michael Jordan. Jordan immediately went on the attack–shoulders low and forward on the dribble, head up and studying the court–but the defense got back so he pulled up shy of the basket. He passed the ball to Rodman trailing […]