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Birth-Rite, at Angel Island. It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, and women worldwide are competing to be the first to give birth in “the new millennium,” a registered trademark of the Universal Contest Supply Corporation. The victorious mother will win fabulous prizes, while her attending physician will reap the kind of publicity Christiaan Barnard or Robert […]

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Poe: never. . .nevermore

Poe: Never…Nevermore, Shakespeare’s Gale Force, at Organic Theater Company Greenhouse. Edgar Allan Poe was a multitalented man who wrote much more than the handful of stories and poems we remember from junior high. So why put together a show of the same old chestnuts–“The Raven,” “The Bells,” “The Masque of the Red Death”? And why […]

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Johnny Frigo

JOHNNY FRIGO I really don’t know how much time violinist Johnny Frigo spends on his painting, or his poetry, or on cashing his royalty checks for such songs as “Detour Ahead” and “I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out” (both enjoying revived interest for the past few years). If he’d just concentrate on […]

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Art Groups: To Market, to Market / Curse of the Music and Dance Theatre / Beckett Fest Ousted

Art Groups: To Market, to Market Savvy players on the arts scene already know that effective marketing may be the most important survival strategy for cultural groups in the face of scarce corporate and government funding. So arts executives around the city are eyeing with great interest the opening of the Arts Marketing Center, a […]

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The Silences of the Palace

An understated feminist parable set in Tunisia during the 50s, this film chronicles, through a series of flashbacks, the adolescence of a singer named Alia, who serves as filmmaker Moufida Tlatli’s surrogate in this semiautobiography. What distinguishes this directorial feature debut by the veteran editor of French and Tunisian films is her assured, Proustian evocation […]

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Petty Crime

December 18, 5:15 PM, 5300 block of South Drexel. Robbery. Man accosted woman in her apartment lobby, stealing a leather coat, purse, and $3. Victim told police the robber might have been a friend of the pedestrian she’d struck with her car earlier that day. December 19, 7:15 PM, 6200 block of West 51st. Robbery. […]