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Unconvering Trib Arts Coverage

When the Tribune’s enjoyable ArtsPlus was pushed from its colorful and prominent place on the back page of the paper’s front news section last September, it became the journalistic equivalent of the garbage scow that couldn’t find a place to come into port. Weekdays it appeared–with black-and-white photos, and in attenuated form–well hidden on the […]

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Reader to Reader

The woman left her counter at a nearly empty Lincoln Avenue thrift shop to show a male customer some merchandise in the back. “Anybody ever buy these bikes?” he asked. “Nobody but you,” she laughed. He pointed to a pair of exercise bicycles. “And these don’t move?” “No, they don’t.” Leaning on a handlebar, he […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am in some serious trouble here! I have a really wonderful girlfriend and I’m very much in love with her. We’re also best friends and get along great. The only problem is sex. I know, who doesn’t have problems with sex. But mine is a sad, sad case. She has a most […]

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City File

By Harold Henderson (Some) newcomers welcome. The city Department of Environment is working to restore native vegetation and habitat at North Park Village Nature Center, but ecological nativism won’t work everywhere, writes commissioner Henry Henderson in Urban Naturalist (January/February/March). “In the Department’s City Trees guide, in addition to recommending native species such as Hackberry, Catalpa […]

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Profile of a Mason Fan

The audiences paying to laugh at Jackie Mason’s fag and shvartzer jokes can’t even see their own feet, let alone the forest for the trees [Performance, December 15]. I’ve been blindly knocked into many times by these lily-white suburban “theater” goers dumping onto Halsted after shows, glazed-eyed and oblivious to scumbag neighborhood pedestrians on the […]

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The Straight Dope

I’m interested to know if electronic technology is available for controlling (a) a person’s state of mind such as for brainwashing, making a person commit a crime, commit suicide, and so on; (b) a person’s inner thoughts or voices by planting an electronic implant in a person’s eyes or skull. If such a technology is […]

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Tenores de Oniferi

TENORES DE ONIFERI The music of the Italian island Sardinia has remained largely untouched by modern European influences. As a result it’s kept as one of its greatest cultural treasures a striking vocal music going back 4,000 to 5,000 years–cantos a tenores. Sardinia’s Tenores de Oniferi carry on the tradition. In doing so they employ […]

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Humor-Impaired Critics

What a hoot! Sending an inspector from the PC Police to review Jackie Mason was a great idea [Performance, December 15]. While the review wasn’t as funny as Mason’s act, it had its moments. Helbig’s wife threatening to leave was the emotional high point. I hope that she was able to turn her ticket over […]