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Great Women in Gospel

Great Women in Gospel, Black Ensemble Theater. This is an “awake and sing” for gospel enthusiasts, believers and nonbelievers alike: the Black Ensemble cast gives a two-hour tour, written and directed by Jackie Taylor and shaped into extraordinary music by Jimmy Tillman. Celebrating the songs and stories of gospel’s women preachers, composers, singers, publishers, and […]

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Sophomore Jinx

Sophomore Jinx, at Cafe Voltaire. Much of the magic in improvisational theater springs from the emergence of a story with a plot, characters, and all the elements necessary to a finished story. But doing something spontaneous and unrehearsed takes a lot of practice and demands a team of players who know and trust one another. […]

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Try a Little Tenderness

Hey editor, I have a real problem with your new feature “Savage Love.” What is the point of addressing the letters with “Hey, Faggot”? When I first saw this, the feeling I got was identical to what I’ve experienced in the past when I see people taunted by morons because they’re “different.” I felt betrayed […]

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U.S. Maple

U.S. Maple The underground rock scene’s sloppy dependence on dissonance, fractured rhythms, and quasi atonality has by and large rendered these elements ineffective. But within this sad state of affairs arrives U.S. Maple’s stunning debut Long Hair in Three Stages (Skin Graft), produced by Jim O’Rourke, proving noise can be more than just a racket. […]

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The Ugly Man

The Ugly Man, Defiant Theatre, at Strawdog Theatre Company. It’s hard to tell if Brad Fraser intended his updating of The Changeling, a bloody and misogynistic Jacobean revenge tragedy by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, to be the shlockfest that Defiant Theatre is offering. But if he intended to create modern equivalents of wandering ghosts, […]

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8.94-4.95: Untitled

Brian Frye’s ten-minute short is in four sections, each a roll of film shot at a San Francisco location, each manipulated in a different way. But what looks at first like film experiments or formalist exercises soon becomes surprisingly moving. In the first roll, Frye takes straight images of a street and alternates them with […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In Independence, Missouri, in December veterinarian R.D. Holder performed the first testicle implant on a dog when he inserted FDA-approved Neuticles into a 110-pound rottweiler. Holder and Gregg Miller invented the implants so that neutered male dogs could still have testicles after surgery. (Miller said he got the idea after seeing how frightened […]

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Unconvering Trib Arts Coverage

When the Tribune’s enjoyable ArtsPlus was pushed from its colorful and prominent place on the back page of the paper’s front news section last September, it became the journalistic equivalent of the garbage scow that couldn’t find a place to come into port. Weekdays it appeared–with black-and-white photos, and in attenuated form–well hidden on the […]

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Reader to Reader

The woman left her counter at a nearly empty Lincoln Avenue thrift shop to show a male customer some merchandise in the back. “Anybody ever buy these bikes?” he asked. “Nobody but you,” she laughed. He pointed to a pair of exercise bicycles. “And these don’t move?” “No, they don’t.” Leaning on a handlebar, he […]