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Barbie’s Ill-Fated Affair

To the editor: The unnamed Mattel, Inc. publicist quoted in Michael Miner’s report on the discredited Barbie exhibition (“New Art Examiner’s Toy Story,” January 5, 1996) continues to rattle off the type of half-truths and self-serving remarks which have tainted this radically censored show. For the umpteenth time, I must set the record straight. First, […]

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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night, Shakespeare Repertory. Where Griffin Theatre’s recent Twelfth Night played up the innocence of the self-blinded lovers, siblings, and buffoonish hangers-on, Shakespeare Rep’s revival is statelier and more substantial, reflecting the characters’ extremes. Consider the misplaced love of Henry Godinez’s Orsino–astonished to learn that love is right there, in Elyse Mirto’s radiant Viola–and the […]

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No Excuse for Police Torture

Dear Letter’s Editor: Thank you to John Conroy for the excellent article, “Town Without Pity” and for Michael Miner’s warning of the proposed legislation, “Cops Want Watchdogs Leashed.” In 1989 I traveled to Central America with a group of Chicagoans, including Mary Powers, Coordinator of Citizens Alert. My eyes and mind were opened to see […]

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Leave Bob Greene Alone

Once upon a time, the Reader was a cutting edge newspaper putting forth opinions that meant something in the scheme of things. It was intelligent, insightful, objective if a bit liberal in its bent (for a particular audience, so this was okay) and, above all, above the sort of name calling for its own sake […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at newsgroup alt.psychology.synchronicity From: (Richard Milton) Subject: Best coincidence of 1995? Just in case someone has already synchronistically thought of holding the Coincidence Awards of 1995 Ceremony, I’d like to nominate this one for the Golden Scarab. One of Britain’s best-known academic scientists is Dr. Stephen Hawking, Lucasian professor of mathematics at Trinity […]

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Jack Owens

JACK OWENS With the exception of Robert Jr. Lockwood and David “Honeyboy” Edwards it’s pretty damn hard to find rural Mississippi bluesmen anymore. At the ripe age of 90 Jack Owens offers the real deal, untainted by the years of city living that have changed Lockwood and Edwards, who’ve become living slices of history. By […]

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City File

By Harold Henderson The least of her problems. Among those prosecuted by the Illinois Department of Agriculture under animal-care regulations last fall, according to a department newsletter: a southern Illinois resident fined $100 for “possession of a tiger without a license.” “Not one foot of track has been laid since the inception and demise of […]

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The Sisters Rosensweig

The Sisters Rosensweig, National Jewish Theater. This is the Skokie theater that could, defying rumors of its demise to mount a new Equity season, its tenth. And Wendy Wasserstein’s well-made family drama is a wise pick: knowing, warm, and worldly, it’s sure to win a big new audience. It also helps that director Susan Padveen […]

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Milly’s Orchid Show Hawaiian Style

An Orchid Show, like a vacation in Hawaii, is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime–and, like contemporary Hawaii, an Orchid Show combines exquis ite beauty, Miami vulgarity, and unabashed camp. The appeal lies in Brigid Murphy’s rapidfire pacing and simultaneously luminous and goofy presence onstage as Milly May Smithy, as well […]