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No One Will Be Immune, Under Observation, and The New World Order

No One Will Be Immune, Under Observation, and The New world Order, ClothMother Productions. Given that Harold Pinter begat David Mamet who begat Howard Korder, it’s surprising that ClothMother’s collection of one-acts doesn’t work better. All three pieces deal intelligently with the power of words to alienate people, but none is developed enough to be […]

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4-Play, Bailiwick Repertory. Why juxtapose a comedy about a trendy couple’s crisis of conscience over eating meat with a harrowing Harold Pinter drama about a man forced to drink liquor after his tongue has been cut out? Yet that’s what this showcase of one-acts does, and the effect is, well, tasteless. As it happens, Pinter’s […]

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Reader to Reader

The woman left her counter at a nearly empty Lincoln Avenue thrift shop to show a male customer some merchandise in the back. “Anybody ever buy these bikes?” he asked. “Nobody but you,” she laughed. He pointed to a pair of exercise bicycles. “And these don’t move?” “No, they don’t.” Leaning on a handlebar, he […]

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Jazz Sisters

JAZZ SISTERS Here at the end of the century we’ve reached the tertiary level of feminist awareness in jazz. First the place of women in jazz (mostly singers) was established and then the standing of women instrumentalists; now comes a program designed to remind us of the women behind those women–the women who write the […]

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The Engagement of Anna

One of Greece’s most respected veteran directors, Pantelis Voulgaris–who’s virtually unknown outside Europe–has earned a reputation as a subtle prober of his country’s social strata and a sensitive observer of the psychological shifts in everyday life. His debut feature, The Engagement of Anna (1972), which opens the Film Center’s mini retrospective, serves as a lucid […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a 36-year-old male, approximately 30 pounds overweight. I have always battled with my weight and have learned to live with the ups and downs. However, no matter how much weight I lose or how often I work out I always have a big flabby chest–a source of discomfort and shame to […]