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The Colors of Love

Chicago Filmmakers invites you to “celebrate Valentine’s Day early” with this program of diverse film and video erotica. Addison Cook’s Wildgirl’s Go-Go Rama is a light, bouncy documentary about go-go dancers. Avant-gardist Peggy Ahwesh’s The Color of Love uses a found porn film whose celluloid is decaying into many colors; Ahwesh slows some sections down […]

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Selective Brutality

I wish to praise the articles by John Conroy, “Town Without Pity,” and Michael Miner, “Cops Want Watchdogs Leashed,” which appeared in the Reader January 5. Both articles were timely and informative. They examine the recurrent problem of police brutality, and how public officials treat police use of excessive force lightly. I am convinced that […]

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City File

By Harold Henderson Party of the people. According to the Federal Reserve Bank and the University of Illinois, the typical 1996 Democratic National Convention delegate will spend $370 per day, including $150 for a hotel, $100 in restaurants, and $75 for “retail purchases” (Illinois Issues, January). “Editors should levy a sin tax on the hapless […]

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A Legitimate Role for Liberals?

Your article on this new Trib columnist [Hot Type, January 26] quotes “MikeMcKing” as saying “Liberals prefer to attack conservatives with smug and often unspoken assertions about their own moral superiority. Liberals “care’ about the environment, the poor, the children, etc etc etc, and by implication, conservatives don’t. Liberals are simply better people; conservatives are […]

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

CHICAGO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA For centuries Western composers have tried to achieve Asian ambience with their music but often fell short of capturing the essence of those cultures. In the 1920s and 30s–as travel to faraway places became easier and other musical traditions infused the Eurocentric consciousness–“orientalism” ceased to be mostly coloristic effects. One of those […]

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Theater League Turning Back the Clock?/ Plugging Into TV

Theater League Turning Back the Clock? Two months ago the League of Chicago Theatres appeared to be in disarray following the ouster of executive director Tony Sertich, who was dismissed after he fired two key administrators–marketing director Michael Pauken and Hot Tix manager Phil Lombard. The organization’s board had originally supported Sertich, but then turned […]

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Kinetic Clarification

Dear sir: I enjoyed Harold Henderson’s article on Professor Kauffman of UIC [“Twisted Science,” January 26]. It’s great to see stories in the popular press about science and math. I just wanted to clarify some statements made about the kinetic theory of (ideal) gases. The kinetic theory is indeed that gases are like marbles, a […]

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CUBE Mark Rothko, whose early work is the subject of an exhibition at Smart Museum, was a major New York abstract expressionist who, like many fellow modernists, began his career dabbling with representational art. The parallels between his artistic evolution and those of some of this century’s most innovative composers are underscored in Cube’s concert, […]

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An Evening With The Divas

An Evening With the Divas Chicago-area theater boasts an especially strong pool of singing actresses; Jeff Duke and his M.A.M. Records has put 13 of them on one album. Second City Divas–Women of Chicago Musical Theatre features Hollis Resnik, Paula Scrofano, Mary Ernster, Alene Robertson, Kathy Santen, Susan Moniz, Felicia Fields, Kathy Taylor, Ann Arvia, […]

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Tell It to the Homophobes

For Dan Savage: Word of your crusade to diffuse the power of the “faggot” epithet [Letters, January 12] apparently failed to reach the two ignorant homophobes who were busy “reappropriating” my face while simultaneously “reappropriating” said moniker. It is naive of you to assume that the casual overusage of “faggot” will somehow diminish its hatred. […]

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Dub Syndicate

Dub Syndicate It took some cojones for pomo British dub wizard Adrian Sherwood to christen this innovative band–which evolved out of Creation Rebel and New Age Steppers in the early 80s–with a generic name like Dub Syndicate. Except for drummer, songwriter, and de facto leader Style Scott, who’s played on all but the first of […]

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John McLaughlin & The Free Spirits

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN & THE FREE SPIRITS Sometimes it gets a little tough for modern guitar junkies to recall that before Scofield and Metheny and their many musical progeny–even before (God help us) Al Di Meola–there was John McLaughlin. McLaughlin came to the U.S. from his native England in 1969 to perform in Tony Williams’s subversive […]