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Dubious Dog Lovers

As I glanced through Section One on my way to work Monday morning, something caught my eye. It was page 41, a page that was dedicated, in prose as well as photograph, to the many charms of the ubiquitous Let’s Pet (“Doggies in the Window,” January 26). Ubiquitous? Yes, indeed. You see, Friday morning I […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at newsgroup alt.women.attitudes From: Subject: Cleaning the bathroom For those of you who live with a male, or who are males, have you noticed what collects on the back of the toilet rim? It is seen best when the lid is up, this thick film of curly pubic hairs and other debris. What […]

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Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins In a fitting tribute to its cover subject in early January, the Village Voice called tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, 65, “the last jazz immortal.” A contemporary of John Coltrane, Rollins was frequently pitted against him by critics and fans, but both the sounds and careers of the two tenor greats–especially following Rollins’s much-publicized […]

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Critical Illiteracy

To the editor: Re: Nanci Gentile letter [February 2] This letter is for Nanci Gentile. Since she likes Bob Greene, I’ll keep the words small. Nanci, one of the reasons we have critics is to weed out bad writers. Bob Greene is a very bad writer, one of the worst. He makes a lot of […]

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City File

By Harold Henderson An economist to the end. Reviewer Marc Arkin, writing in Commentary (February), quotes one of the “truly peculiar claims” made in the new book Aging and Old Age by chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Richard Posner. Posner writes that a terminally ill patient contemplating […]

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The Sports Section

By Ted Cox It is often said that hockey has to be seen in person to be understood. Even so, the people who say they can’t see the puck on television have always struck us as the same sort who say they can’t read the pitches in baseball from the center-field camera. First of all, […]

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Virtueless Reality

Hi people, Re: Revenge of the geeks [“Battle Stars,” February 9] I was intrigued by your article about the so-called VR developers. Here, I thought, was a bunch of out-of-mainstream creative people who do something else. So I went to one of their stores and gave it a try, and realized that your story missed […]

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The Straight Dope

to run 2-23-96 FLAT LINERS FOR THE FLAT TAX Re your column on taxes [January 26], I was curious about some of your conclusions. You say “people making $50,000 to $75,000 … paid $7.6 billion more” [after the 1986 tax reform]. What was the average increase per person? Or was there an increase in the […]

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Spot Check

Jolene 2/23, Schubas This five piece from Charlotte may not be particularly good, but it does demonstrate that the country rock cordoned off under the tag No Depression is nothing new. On their debut, Hell’s Half Acre (Ardent), Jolene, a name swiped from the famous Dolly Parton tune, hitch the twang quotient that marked R.E.M.’s […]

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Dave Maddox & Tim Keenan

DAVE MADDOX & TIM KEENAN Saxophone-percussion duets first gained prominence in the later music of John Coltrane and soon became an unsurprising format in the jazz avant-garde. But they still ain’t everybody’s cup of tea, triggering many nomadic explorations filled with austere musical symbolism and a high noise-to-note ratio. Enter the Chicago duo of saxophonist […]