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Reta Do Fim Do Fim (“The Endless Edge”), performed by three women, is filled with circles: pools of light within the darkness; the arcs described by dancers swinging on ropes; the twists and turns of a body rooted to a single spot, moving around its core. All these circles make me think of the individual’s […]

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Willie Oickens Quintet

WILLIE PICKENS QUINTET During the last four decades the Chicago jazz mainstream has flowed from two chief stylistic tributaries, each of which distinguishes the local landscape from that found in other burgs. In the 50s pianists Ramsey Lewis and Ahmad Jamal, bassists Wilbur Ware and Victor Sproles, and the multiinstrumentalist Ira Sullivan helped forge a […]

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Field & Street

By Jerry Sullivan I didn’t plan to make a career out of writing about squirrels. I wrote a column a year ago about black squirrels–a color phase of the familiar gray squirrel–and about fox squirrels, a related but quite separate species. I noted that although the standard reference–Hoffmeister’s Mammals of Illinois–declared that black squirrels occur […]

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Having Our Say

Having Our Say, Briar Street Theatre. Living long is the best revenge, if you live as well as the life-loving, resilient Delany sisters. And Emily Mann’s wonderful 1995 play, adapted from Amy Hill Hearth’s biography Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years, is a theatrical gem, a Broadway hit and a sure success […]

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Heaton-Murphy Duo

HEATON-MURPHY DUO Ever since they started performing as a team a couple of seasons ago, guitarist Matthew Heaton and flutist Shannon Murphy have gathered quite a following. Neither is yet a knockout virtuoso, but the duo’s winsome personality and penchant for imaginative programming set it above most other start-up acts. For their latest series of […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Story In January the Wall Street Journal reported on the growing smoking fetish, citing as examples: (1) an erotic video from an Oklahoma City firm showing a young blond dressed in a strapless gown and a veiled black hat lighting her cigarette from a nearby candle and taking “numerous long drags”; (2) a smokers’ […]

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Way Off the Dial/Schmitsville

Way Off the Dial The vibe on Internet radio follows the pattern of a lot of discussion on Internet matters. The possibilities are endless–no need for $20 million broadcast licenses! Pretty soon kids’ll be programming great radio stations out of their dorm rooms! Yay! Then comes reality, which is somewhat different, adjusted to conform to […]