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A Killer Idea

You know, you’re right. Your front-page article about the convicted murderer, and how he should be let out of jail already, really made a good argument [“No Mercy,” February 16]. I mean, after all, why should he have been put in jail at all? Why not just put him in a program for murderers, a […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’m a gay male in my mid-20s involved with a handsome, blond, sweet, generous guy also in his mid-20s. We’ve been dating for a few months and we are very much in love. There is only one problem: no matter where we go or who we’re with, there’s always someone staring in his […]

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Sorry, Larry

In my article “Scary Larry: Larry Mendte and the Uses of Sensationalism [February 23],” I erroneously stated that Fox News reporter Larry Yellen did not question the Lincoln Park Zoo on whether its contracts for selling animals protected the animals’ offspring from being sold to hunting ranches. I apologize for the error. Cate Plys

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Bringing Up Baby

Howard Hawks’s 1938 screwball comedy is being shown in a film and lecture series called “Gender & Sexual Ambiguity in the Hollywood Film,” and one could carp about film scholars’ typically myopic infatuation with Hollywood when the rich tradition of avant-garde filmmaking really has engaged such topics. The absurdly frilly bathrobe that paleontologist David Huxley […]

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Spot Check

HUMPERS 3/1, DOME ROOM Though pop-sopped punk rock continues to be a major component of puberty’s sound track, there are still those cutting close to the music’s bone. On their fourth album, Live Forever or Die Trying (Epitaph), LA’s Humpers spit out raw punk rock according to the Dead Boys–the snotty vocals of Scott “Deluxe” […]

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Buddy Miller

BUDDY MILLER Country journeyman Buddy Miller traveled a long road to reach the gates of last year’s superb Your Love and Other Lies (Hightone). Back in the 60s he cut his teeth on bluegrass and brushed them with psychedelia, moving around from San Francisco to New York, Austin, and Los Angeles before ending up in […]

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The Magic Act

The Magic Act, Zebra Crossing Theatre. In Laurence Klavan’s black comedy the audience experiences simultaneously the romanticized story of a young couple’s descent into a loveless, perverse marriage through courtroom testimony and the sensational story of their murder through the tabloid-style reports of television news anchors. Mona Kale, the play’s narrator, is a desperately lonely […]

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Corrin Curschellas & the Recyclers

CORIN CURSCHELLAS & THE RECYCLERS Spoken by some 50,000 residents of eastern Switzerland, Romansh is the country’s fourth official language. Singer Corin Curschellas has used Romansh, her native language, on her own records, Music Loves Me and Rappa nomada (both on the Swiss MGB label), and she’ll be singing the words of contemporary Romansh poets […]

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Cannanes In Australia there’s something called the “Tall Poppy Syndrome”–anyone who seems to be doing well gets accused of being bigheaded and is put down by jealous antielitist peers. The Cannanes named their 1994 album Short Poppy Syndrome, a title that reveals the quartet’s self-deprecating humor–appropriate seeing as they’ll never have to worry about being […]

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Loren Mazzacane Connors

LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS Loren MazzaCane Connors cuts an extraordinarily mysterious figure, from his name on down to his wholly unique music. At various times he’s gone by these monikers: Loren Mazzacane, Guitar Roberts, Loren Mattei, and Bluesmaster. Regardless of what he’s calling himself, there’s no mistaking his beautifully austere, gorgeously sad playing. His early, rare […]

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Critical Reappraisal/When Will Show Boat Jump Ship?/Joffrey’s Commercial Appeal

Critical Reappraisal Roadworks Productions artistic director Debbie Bisno was perplexed after opening the play Was in January. She couldn’t understand why the critical response to the show varied so widely. Adapted from Geoff Ryman’s novel of the same name, the play was lauded by the Reader’s Albert Williams, who called Was “a superb new story […]

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Caught in the Net

Captured at newsgroup From: gsmas@utxdp.dp. (Mary Ann Sullivan) Subject: Japanese Dance I am interested in studying traditional dance in Japan and would greatly appreciate any information anyone can give me regarding his/her own experiences. Thanks in advance, Mary Ann From: jqw3827@is2.nyu. edu (Jean W. Williams) Subject: Re: Japanese Dance What type of dance […]