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Birth of the C-numbers

Dear editor, In the February 16 issue the “No Mercy” article about C-numbers in Illinois prisons failed to explain why the Illinois parole board is now denying parole to prisoners who, irrespective of their crimes, were previously granted parole. The explanation goes back to 1976 when the Illinois legislature conducted hearings on what was wrong […]

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Tony Bennett

There’s little doubt that Tony Bennett is the greatest living pop singer–Frank Sinatra may still be alive, but he’s not much of a singer anymore. As a few superb thematic albums have recently demonstrated, Bennett’s voice still possesses dazzling flexibility. While it’s novel that Bennett has had his very own MTV special, singing duets with […]

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Field & Street

By Jill Riddell On my first visit to N. Fagin Books I’d just gotten inside the door and taken in a breath of book-scented air when a woman with short brown hair and glasses asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her about my need for information on butterflies and […]

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Chungking Express

If you haven’t seen a film by Wong Kar-wai, one of the most exciting and original younger Hong Kong filmmakers, this charming and energetic two-part comedy is a good place to start. Though less ambitious than Days of Being Wild or Ashes of Time, the Wong films that precede and follow it, Chungking Express is […]

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My Period

My Period, Factory Theater. Menstruation is one of those embarrassing rites of passage that don’t live up to the hype. Playwright Jenny Kirkland in My Period tries to make comic sense of the cultural baggage behind the so-called mystery of “becoming a woman” with a cute but ultimately flat parody of the propaganda supplied by […]

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The Queen of Bakersfield and Other Tales of Dust and Moonlight

The Queen of Bakersfield and Other Tales of Dust and Moonlight, Dolphinback Theatre Company, at the Lunar Cabaret and Full Moon Cafe. The premiere piece in Dolphinback Theatre’s “Night Swimming” series, The Queen of Bakersfield and Other Tales of Dust and Moonlight offers a welcome return to the American folk tradition of storytelling. Greg Owens’s […]

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KLEZMATICS With three albums to their credit, the Klezmatics have made themselves probably the best-known band in the new wave of klezmer music (sometimes referred to as “Jewish jazz”). Klezmer grew out of traditional Yiddish melodies but, like American jazz, came to reflect influences from classical dance pieces, military band music, and native (in this […]