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The Truth

The Truth, OverBored Productions. Maybe if playwright-director Elizabeth Ward had written and directed all the plays in OverBored’s trio of one-acts this 90-minute evening wouldn’t be such a chore. Like the other plays, Not Seven–Ward’s bittersweet comedy about the blossoming friendship between a wittily frank lesbian and an uptight, getting-to-be-uncloseted gay man–is too talky, lacks […]

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Reader to Reader

I was buying some toiletries at Walgreens the other day. At the checkout register the clerk couldn’t scan one item. Finally he gave up and paged someone in the cosmetics department. “I need a price check on Tampax tampons–” “No, no, no,” the woman working at the next counter yelled to him. “You ask her […]

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Ubu Roi

Alfred Jarry’s nasty and brutish avant-garde play Ubu Roi was the scandal of the season in Paris almost 100 years ago, surviving exactly one performance before a howling, hissing, and rioting audience. It’s still not hard to see why Jarry’s transgressions–profanity-peppered dialogue, constant onstage violence, kings and queens behaving like butchers, nitwits, and whores–drove the […]

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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I am a 25-year-old fag. Recently, I’ve been experiencing “memories” from my childhood. They’re very disturbing, but I’m not sure if they’re real. I seem to remember an uncle (my mom’s brother) giving me a brownie when I was about four years old, and feeling kind of dizzy and confused afterward. It may […]

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This Island’s Mine

This Island’s Mine, Red Kite Theatre at Organic Theater Company Greenhouse, South Hall. Written in the chamber-theater style, in which multiple narrators are constantly onstage, British playwright Philip Osment’s densely textured 1987 work interweaves three fully fleshed plots filled with characters struggling to stay whole despite cynicism, racism, and homophobia. These intricately in-volved lives include […]

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Police Scanner

Tuesday, March 5, 11:35 AM Dispatcher: Larry, you want me to hold you down or something, someplace? Larry: Not yet. That other dispatcher was a mean hombre. Dispatcher: That was a power guy. Larry: You got that right. 1711: 711. Dispatcher: You got something you got to do someplace? That other guy’s gone now if […]

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Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly, at Victory Gardens Theater. Playwright Charles Smith created a fascinating character in Jelly Belly, a consummate manipulator by turns likable and smarmy, angry and needy, pathetic and dangerous. This seducer excels at playing like he has your best interests at heart while setting you up for a fall. Though he’s summoned someone wonderful […]

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Untrue Facts

To the editors: I am writing in response to “The Mouths of Babes” by David Futrelle (March 15). The article presents Believe the Children and a member of our advisory board in a false light by omitting and misinterpreting important facts. Futrelle states as fact that Believe the Children “treats even the smallest signs of […]

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Wings of Courage

Watching the dramatic short Wings of Courage on a six-story screen in 3-D probably evokes the same kind of visceral enthrallment experienced by viewers of early motion pictures. The spectacular new technology offers the filmmaker more tools for storytelling–headsets with liquid crystal lenses and a built-in sound system and film ten times the size commonly […]

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SILKWORM There’s usually a thin line between pretense and genuine artistic vision. When someone plumbs the depths of his or her soul, more often than not sewage is all that will be dredged up. In the case of the Seattle trio Silkworm, there’s some honesty strewn in with their shit. On their new double album, […]