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Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: I’m a 27-year-old gay male. I spent the last two years working in Italy and Germany. As you might know, almost all males in Italy and Germany are uncircumcised. To my surprise, I found intact cocks to be more sexy and exciting. I love the way they look, smell, and taste. I feel […]

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Ari Brown Quartet

ARI BROWN QUARTET As a soloist Ari Brown provides plenty of individualized excitement, but he also sustains and helps to expand Chicago’s postbop tenor tradition. He fills the room with the brawny sound, intrepid lyricism, and rhythmic elasticity that mark Chicago saxophonists from Von Freeman and Gene Ammons through Johnny Griffin, Joseph Jarman, and Ed […]

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Bye-Bye Bill

Dear Reader, So we won’t have Bill Wyman to kick around anymore [April 19]. No more “Evil Ticketmaster” updates. No more pre-Riviera Smashing Pumpkins interviews. No more “Rock as the Hegelian Weltgeist” bilge. No more “Cobain is righteous/Garcia is bogus” blindsidings. No more Chicago Rock Scoreboards. No more hangin’ at Lounge Ax . . . […]

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BLINK. Unlike the Flying Karamazov Brothers, whose gonzo antics epitomize juggling acts to most Americans, Blink dispenses with the patter early on, instead defying the laws of gravity and anatomy with the serene solemnity of Sufi priests. Though the trunk carried onstage must be far too small to hold any of these three young men […]

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The Sports Section

By Ted Cox “A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now.” Toni Kukoc has to be one of the tallest outside-shooting specialists in all of basketball. Launching a shot from behind the National Basketball Association three-point line, the left-handed Kukoc holds his right elbow […]

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Charlie’s Good Time Gospel Hour

Charlie’s Good Time Gospel Hour, Gigantic Productions. As Charles Manson, the wanna-be folksinger gone horrifyingly to seed, Phil Gigante performs with such mercurial explosiveness that he’s nothing short of riveting–for a while. By starting the show at 100 mph and keeping the pedal to the floor for about an hour and a half, he wore […]

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Jack, or the Omission

As a general rule, reviews–particularly reviews of other people’s work–don’t really get under my skin. However, Jack Helbig’s review of Jack, or the Submission (May 10) has had me scratching my head for days, so I just have to ask: was the body of the piece somehow inadvertently deleted, or did Jack actually submit (pun […]

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More Fun Than Bowling

More Fun Than Bowling, Touchstone Theatre. For Jake Tomlinson, a good-hearted bowling-alley operator who’s lost three wives to freak accidents, life is a lot like bowling: an antagonistic, repetitive game in which the object is to avoid the hurtling bowling ball of death. For his daughter Molly, life is more like playing Frisbee: a wonderfully […]

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Spot Check

CARDIGANS 6/14, DOUBLE DOOR This Swedish quintet delivers unabashedly twee, oversweetened retro-pop confections with enough Scandinavian whiteness to make your whitest whites seem dingy. On their domestic debut, Life (Minty Fresh), the Cardigans recall the 60s pop kitsch of Pizzicato Five and Saint Etienne, with the club beats supplanted by a real, if slightly effete, […]

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Resting in Peace

To the Chicago Reader: Your issue dated Friday, March 8, contains an interesting letter (“Your Beatin’ Heart”) signed by Hank Oettinger, commenting upon the assignment to William Harvey of credit for discovering the circulation of the blood. Mr. Oettinger challenges this attribution, which had been made by Cecil Adams (but not by him alone!). Mr. […]

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CHARALAMBIDES Much of America’s greatest outsider music has come from Texas–pioneers like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Ornette Coleman, the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, and the Red Krayola come to mind. Houston’s Charalambides joined that lineage with last year’s brilliant double LP Market Square. A brooding oceanic ambience pervades the album’s sprawling music–layers of heavily reverbed guitars, keening violins, […]