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As The Mascara Runs

As the mascara runs, Bailiwick Repertory. Written and directed by Ed Basden, this late-night one-act in the Pride Performance Series aims for the success of Claudia Allen’s Gays of Our Lives, a three-part soap-opera spoof that twists gay cliches to some bold purposes. But unfortunately, for all its warm intent and proselytizing, As the Mascara […]

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The Straight Dope

Is it true that Isaac Newton was a virgin? –Hoping there are other ways to assure scientific greatness, Douglas Leonard, Department of Astronomy, UC Berkeley Of course he was a virgin. Once upon a time so was Madonna. What’s tragic is that he may have died a virgin. Not that this is so unusual. You […]

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Spot Check

POSIES 6/21, METRO Seattle’s Posies have a new album, Amazing Disgrace (DGC), a new rhythm section, and a retooled sound. Main men Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, the pair that flesh out Alex Chilton’s re-formed Big Star, remain unabashed pure popsters but leave behind the rarefied jangle in favor of Cheap Trick-like power pop (Robin […]

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The Spirit is Willing

Dances for the Deep Field Hedwig Dances Performance Company at the Dance Center of Columbia College, June 13-15 By Laura Molzahn I don’t know why, but our culture seems headed into an era of spirituality, sometimes denigrated as gimmicky and New Age, sometimes celebrated as blessedly free of dogma. I wonder sometimes whether dance will […]

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Murder by Contract

This rarely screened 1958 gem about the mind of a contract killer is one of Martin Scorsese’s favorite thrillers, and it’s easy to see why. The film follows an existential hipster (Vince Edwards) who coolly regards his work as a business until he gets thrown by a big-time assignment to rub out a woman about […]

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Bob Dorough

Now in his early 70s, Bob Dorough has aged remarkably well, and so has his music–both his performances, few and far between and recorded on a handful of discs, and his compositions, which capture a particular time without becoming dated in the process. Dorough has been hip since it was hep. From his earliest recordings–including […]

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On exhibit:in a black light

Viewing Murry DePillars’s drawings and prints from the 1960s, I thought I understood them as expressions of African-American rage. How else to take the powerful Aunt Jemima, her arm busting out of the pancake box, wielding her spatula like a weapon? But the artist sees it differently. “When I first did Aunt Jemimia, people responded […]

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Chef of the Future

Devour the Moon Live Bait Theater By Carol Burbank Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s antiromantic futurist movement celebrated the technological age with a playful, confrontational abandon most powerfully expressed in futurist art. Those of us now moving through a world continually reshaped by technological advances might argue with Marinetti’s unquestioning acceptance of industrialization as a grand evolutionary […]

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Dwight Yoakam

DWIGHT YOAKAM Despite his omnipresent ten-gallon lid, Dwight Yoakam is no hat act. It’s old news that the Kentucky-born Yoakam had to first move to Los Angeles before succeeding in Nashville, but with his stardom established he’s been anything but complacent. As with 1993’s strong This Time, his most recent album, Gone (Reprise), finds him […]

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The Plain Truth

Welcome to the Dollhouse Rating ** Worth seeing Directed and written by Todd Solondz With Heather Matarazzo, Brendan Sexton Jr., Telly Pontidis, Herbie Duarte, Daria Kalinina, and Matthew Faber. Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud Rating *** A must see Directed by Claude Sautet Written by Sautet, Jacques Fieschi, and Yves Ulmann With Emmanuelle Beart, Michel Serrault, […]

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Poets on a Pedestal

Telling stories to the beat of a drum is an age-old bonding rite that’s existed in many cultures. With the improvisational new-music works titled “Five Drum Percussion Piece With Poetry” and “Composition for Five Performance Poets, Five Percussion Players and Conductor,” veteran local poet Effie Mihopoulos has created Cagean homages to the ritual with the […]