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Music Notes: golden boys of opera

Lawrence Rapchak and Carl Ratner form a mutual admiration society on the local opera scene. After more than a decade of working together–from the early days of Chamber Opera Chicago to the latest incarnation of the Chicago Opera Theater–each knows what makes the other tick. “Carl is witty, affable, extremely intelligent as a director,” says […]

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Do the Hustle

Hurray to king rave god David Prince, he found himself a rain parka at Wal-Mart, and didn’t even have to pay for it [“Mud, Drugs, and Speaker Hugs,” by Shane DuBow, June 21]. Outstanding work, my good man! These kind of antics are the reason many fellow musicians and probably many other decent citizens don’t […]

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Mavericks/Junior Brown

MAVERICKS/JUNIOR BROWN This bill presents a pair of artists who might be tagged “alternative country,” stylistically and geographically operating outside of the Nashville machine, yet both having albums on Billboard’s country chart. Miami’s fabulous Mavericks have been the more successful of the two, tapping into a strong retro-countrypolitan vibe on the strength of Raul Malo’s […]

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The City File

By Harold Henderson “People have an inordinate fondness for trees,” North Branch Prairie Project volunteer steward Robert Lonsdorf tells the NBPP newsletter Brush Piles (Summer). For educational and restorationist reasons, he’d like to see the Cook County Forest Preserve District cut down a stand of trees just south of Miami Prairie. “The clear-cut would be […]

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Straight Dope

TAP DANCING In your column of June 14 about tapping Coke cans to reduce fizzing, you said people did this because of “the same repressed macho ethic that makes people tap the ends of their cigarettes before lighting up.” Have you never smoked? As an occasional smoker, I learned as a teen the importance of […]

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Christy Doran & The Hendrix Project

CHRISTY DORAN & THE HENDRIX PROJECT The music of Jimi Hendrix has an intangible quality that almost guarantees artistic suicide when musicians cover his tunes. But that hasn’t stopped plenty of musicians from trying. This group led by Swiss guitarist Christy Doran is the latest in a long line of people doing jazz-related Hendrix projects, […]

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Moog Music

IMPERIAL DRAG Imperial Drag (Work/Sony) ULI NOMI AND MECCO ENO The Moog Cookbook (Restless) It’s a funny thing about kitsch: the crap that one person champions as brilliant can cause another to lose his lunch. The very notion of Buffalo Tom covering “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here” on Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks or Joan […]

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Field & Street

By Jill Riddell I’m invited to a friend’s parents’ house in Highland Park for a party, so I drive up with my friend Jay, for whom this is practically a wilderness excursion. Since his idea of enjoying nature is to step from his air-conditioned apartment onto the porch long enough for a cigarette, it’s unclear […]