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A Canada State of Mind

Hayden Lounge Ax, July 12 My friends in Toronto aren’t much different from my friends here in temperament or circumstance–they’re mostly creative types struggling to get by, gamely trying to live up to their pre-diminished expectations. Yet the Canadian folks seem to inhabit this never-never land with a grace and equanimity distinctly absent in their […]

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Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space Though I loved this theatrical version of Ed Wood’s gloriously bad film when it first opened last March at National Pastime, I wasn’t sure the high-spirited, mildly campy comedy would be as good at another space. I needn’t have worried. After a two-month hiatus, Kelly Anchors and Mike McKune’s ensemble […]

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The Straight Dope

Is it true cats always land unharmed on their feet, no matter how far they fall? –A D DOO, via America Online I love this question. I love it because (1) it seems completely wild, (2) it nonetheless appears to have some scientific basis, (3) on examination the scientific basis is open to serious question, […]

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Dastardly Deeds Demonstrative of Depravity

The vividly gruesome expose graphically depicting brutalities endemic to cockfighting was actually a poignant profile of humanity’s depravity [“Blood Sport,” by Tori Marlan, June 14]. Anthropocentric proponents of the atrocity exhibition are emblematic of impoverished mentalities augmented by severed consciences. Their callous contempt for chickens and other birds is indicative of archaic imbecility. Ultimately, the […]

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Bowles Bunk

To: Subject: Re: Bowles-derdash Attn Michael Miner I’m one of many (I’ll bet) who wrote inresponse to the Bowles piece. Don’t know if any were printed in the trib but I do know that her kind of junk writing is just the stuff I’ll respond to, if only to remind the editors that readers […]

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Judy Roberts Quartet

JUDY ROBERTS QUARTET I would guess that not even her most loyal fans think of Judy Roberts as a prairie pioneer, but the notion works for me. In the early 70s she established the Chicago model of a working woman bandleader, and half a dozen jazzwomen have solicited her support and advice since (though none […]

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Field & Street

By Jerry Sullivan A few years ago I assembled a list titled “Putative Birds of the Savanna.” It was a sort of speculative first attempt at figuring out what sort of bird communities lived in the varied landscape of open prairies interspersed with oak groves that was a major feature of presettlement Illinois. The list, […]

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Feminist Rage

It is the reviewer of Antonia’s Line and not the film that is “humorless.” If females living according to their wills is “feminist rage,” then I pity this reviewer if he ever encounters true anger. I suggest the reviewer examine his reaction to all things feminine–this film was excellent (and I’m not angry–I’m just expressing […]

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Shooting Gallery

James Rosenquist at Feigen, through July 26 Lee Wells at Imperfect Fluids, through August 7 By Mark Swartz River North lies only a few blocks from Cabrini-Green, but few of its galleries ever do anything to acknowledge their proximity to urban poverty. One River North gallery that does address social issues–in particular, street violence–is Feigen, […]

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Savage Love

Confidential to Looking for Ideas: You’re doing that dumb straight thing: you’re thinking of “sex” as penis/vagina intercourse and everything else as foreplay. If you want to make things “last,” or a little more interesting, start thinking of those “foreplay” techniques as “during-” and “after-” play techniques as well. Challenge yourselves: Rule out “crawling up […]

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Jeff Stitely Quartet

JEFF STITELY QUARTET Drummer Jeff Stitely’s working band of a few years back sailed along on the cinematic sweep of John McLean’s guitar, the analytical focus of Ryan Shultz’s bass trumpet, the lithe undercurrent of Larry Kohut’s bass, and Stitely’s own percussive cascades. That band has essentially disappeared, though each of its members gets plenty […]

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Beating Up Community Policing

Re: Ben Joravsky’s “Trading Community Policing for Public Relations,” June 28. I believe that Mr. Joravsky should learn what community policing really is before raising the flag that it will go away. The chief tenet in the community policing strategy is “community” participation and accomplishments. Being involved with a community organization myself, I can appreciate […]

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Rude Minus its hip theatrical facade, this first feature by Canadian director Clement Vigo is no more than a triptych of familiar tales from the ‘hood. Its central panel, the story that takes the lion’s share of screen time, features a would-be muralist fresh out of prison who’s tempted to return to the drug trade […]