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City File

Wacky optimist award. From Mayflower Transit’s “checklist for a smooth move”: “Give yourself at least two weeks to unpack and organize your belongings.” More help for those who need it less. “At the University of Chicago –home of the nuclear chain reaction and Pinochet’s economic development team–plans are under way to cut back spending on […]

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Robert Schumann, like most cultivated Germans of his day, held in awe the Faust legend as told by Goethe. Its rhetoric of scientific quest for truth, its message of good triumphing over seductive evil, and its appeal for eternal love defined a romantic ideal for which Schumann, throughout his short career, tried […]

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Yum Yum Hard to Swallow/Postscript

Yum-Yum Hard to Swallow Given the way people in high places have frothed over Chris Holmes and the 21-gun salute the press has given Dan Loves Patti, the debut album by his band Yum-Yum, it’s shocking to learn that thus far the album looks like a stiff. The 24-year-old inveterate schmoozer, who also fronts space-rock […]

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The Straight Dope

Why am I seeing pairs of shoes tied together by the laces hung up on power lines? –Lloyd S., via AOL Been getting this question a lot lately. Lacking a proper way to investigate it, I figured I might as well cast aside the pretense of science and post it to the Net, specifically, the […]

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What’s My Problem?

What’s My Problem? at Cafe Voltaire. Her face is screwed up in a grimace of pained concentration. Her voice is an exhalation somewhere between a sigh and a migraine. She’s Dr. Myra Kopin, and she’s here to help you. The topic for this evening’s group-therapy session is “Loving Food, Loving Yourself,” and she encourages us […]

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Rebels of the Neon God

Rebels of the Neon God Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang acknowledges that this film, his first, is part of a long tradition: focusing on four alienated youths, he has one of them confront a large James Dean poster. Two characters, brothers, steal phone coin boxes and video-game innards for a living; the third is one brother’s […]