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Furthur Explanation

I was thoroughly disappointed by Shane DuBow’s recent presentation of the rave scene and of Mr. David Prince [“Mud, Drugs, and Speaker Hugs,” June 21]. Being an attendee of the first two Furthurs, I too know firsthand some of the surrealities of this scene called rave. I’ve seen the blow pops held puckered tight by […]

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Bailiwick Repertory’s Directors Festival ’96

This annual showcase features work by generally unknown pro, semipro, and student directors, who offer their interpretation of scripts ranging from established classical and contemporary selections to untested material. Each night presents a different program consisting of two or three one-acts, as shown in the listings below. Bailiwick Repertory, Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont, […]

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Marilyn Crispell

MARILYN CRISPELL In the last few years the dearth of available recordings by pianist Marilyn Crispell has been rectified, mostly by the Leo and Music & Arts labels. Not only has the deluge of releases, recorded in a variety of settings, made Crispell’s work easier to find, it’s also showcased her versatility. Her status as […]

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Jay McShann

JAY MCSHANN As jazz impresario Joe Segal has reminded us for most of the last four decades, “August is Charlie Parker month,” time to honor the signal genius of modern jazz; and what better place to start celebrating than at the beginning? The teenage Parker had played with a few other bandleaders by the time […]

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Brilliant Traces

BRILLIANT TRACES, Open Door Productions, at Cafe Voltaire. It’s clear why this troupe of Oberlin College alums was drawn to Cindy Lou Johnson’s one-act. A combustible study in dead-end desperation, this oddball romance offers meaty histrionics, poignant metaphors, and–since the setting is a snowbound cabin–some false retreats amid the lovers’ true advances. Henry is an […]

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Eddie Palmieri Octet

EDDIE PALMIERI OCTET Ladies and gentlemen, piano powerhouse Eddie Palmieri–y sus mensajeros de jazz? At the beginning of his innovative career–when he scaled the barriers separating the music of Cuba and his native Puerto Rico, merging the two traditions in his increasingly bebop-influenced piano playing–Palmieri drew praise as salsa’s answer to Duke Ellington. True to […]

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Metal and Melancholy

Metal and Melancholy In 1992, after an almost 20-year absence, Dutch-born director Heddy Honigmann returned to her hometown of Lima, Peru and found a city in economic ruins. Caught between the draconian policies of the rightist government and the terrorism of Shining Path guerrillas, many in the dwindling middle class were struggling to make a […]

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City File

Wacky optimist award. From Mayflower Transit’s “checklist for a smooth move”: “Give yourself at least two weeks to unpack and organize your belongings.” More help for those who need it less. “At the University of Chicago –home of the nuclear chain reaction and Pinochet’s economic development team–plans are under way to cut back spending on […]

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Robert Schumann, like most cultivated Germans of his day, held in awe the Faust legend as told by Goethe. Its rhetoric of scientific quest for truth, its message of good triumphing over seductive evil, and its appeal for eternal love defined a romantic ideal for which Schumann, throughout his short career, tried […]