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Chi Lives: the prodigal daughter

One character in Loverboys, Ana Castillo’s new collection of short stories, is a successful writer, despite something she calls the “thing,” which comes into existence when “all the voices of those who call writing a craft, who speak grammatically correct, who studied with this name or that one, well up in my head and tell […]

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Pride and Prejudice

A letter to the editor, We find it a pity Peter Margasak failed to mention, in his article regarding the Independent Label Festival (ILF) [Post No Bills, July 26], that he graced the ILF with his acrid presence on the press panel last year. He also failed to mention that he got royally slagged by […]

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To the Starry Island

To the Starry Island A leader among the younger generation of Western-trained, politicized film directors in South Korea, Park Kwang-su has focused on national identity in his work. Politics, however, is the underlying theme of this 1994 feature, which looks at the crisscrossed lives of villagers from the remote island of Kwisong. The film opens […]

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Calendar Photo Caption

Political cartoonist Thomas Nast invented the Republican Party’s elephant mascot, but he’s probably best known for his attacks on New York’s Tammany Hall. In The Power of the Press, Nast gives himself credit for the machine’s downfall–he’s perched on top of a printing press crushing New York City mayor A.O. Hall and others. A later […]

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News of the Weird

Lead Stories At Thailand’s national games in June a team of 12 male transsexuals–who dress as women and have grown breasts but haven’t yet undergone genital surgery–competed for the men’s volleyball championship and the chance to go to the Olympics. Though the squad won the gold medal, none of the members were selected for the […]

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Music Notes: bowing the blues

When Ruby Harris steps up to play a solo he looks small, shy, and entirely out of place as he chins a 166-year-old electrified violin. But when he starts sawing out Muddy Waters’s “You Can’t Spend What You Ain’t Got,” the notes pour out with demonic intensity–a blistering glissando that somehow sounds both eerily exotic […]

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Frank Tedesso

FRANK TEDESSO Given a superficial listening, Frank Tedesso’s songs all sort of sound the same, with similar chord changes and melodic contours. But if you pay close attention to his words, you’ll hear the kind of genuine talent that’s rare in this day of overhyped poetasters. Tedesso writes his songs with his brain switched on–he […]

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Petty Crime

July 1, 10 PM, 6200 block of South Western. Aggravated assault. Man pointed gun at another man, who had cut in front of him in line at a Mexican restaurant. Victim went outside and flagged down police. Offender tossed gun on floor of his car and fled on foot. Police tracked offender by his license-plate […]