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Weeding Out the Working Class

Dear editor: I read with great interest your article regarding the Erie Neighborhood cooperative and its struggle in West Town [Neighborhood News, July 26]. We must not stand silent while a small group of residents with fear on their side attempt to toss the efforts of dozens of working families in West Town aside. The […]

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The Straight Dope

The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams. For publication the week ending Friday, 08-16-96. Copyright 1996 Chicago Reader, Inc. All rights reserved. Publication without express written permission or before Monday of the week ending 08-16-96 is prohibited. If, as the song says, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” is a gas, gas, gas, at what temperature would he become […]

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BAHAMADIA Philadelphia’s Bahamadia is one of the finest female rappers to surface in the male-dominated hip-hop world in years. On her debut album, Kollage (Chrysalis/EMI), she joins forces with a raft of top-notch producers–Da Beatminerz, DJ Premier, the Roots, and Guru–to construct musical scapes worthy of her dazzling wordplay, sharp delivery, impressive range, and substantial […]

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Field & Street

Roger Tory Peterson died July 29. There was no one else like him while he was alive, and no one like him is apt to come along. If there is anyone we can compare him with it is the great artist– ornithologists of the 18th and 19th centuries. The list of such men is short. […]

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Curtis’s Charm

Curtis’s Charm To say that John L’Ecuyer’s lovely black-and-white 16-millimeter (1995) adaptation of an autobiographical story by Jim Carroll–playing at the Chicago Underground Film Fest–is incomparably better than the movie version of The Basketball Diaries isn’t saying very much. Better to say that it’s sweeter, warmer, sharper, and filled with more human understanding than Trainspotting […]

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Shaking Ray Levis

SHAKING RAY LEVIS Chattanooga isn’t the sort of place one imagines as a hotbed for improvised music. But for the last decade Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner, better known as the Shaking Ray Levis, have been struggling to smash that preconception and many more. In response to the music’s reputation for seriousness, the duo bristles […]