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News of the Weird

Lead Stories According to a report in the People newspaper in London in July, clandestine British cameras set up to spy on the Irish Republican Army also recorded much kinky sex. The newspaper said the British government is planning to use some of the footage in an upcoming propaganda campaign, including episodes in which IRA […]

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The Paradox of Insanity…I Mean, Humanity

THE PARADOX OF INSANITY…I MEAN, HUMANITY, Zeitgeist Theater, at Live Bait Theatre. As the title implies, writer and performer Rick Almada is a bit touched. His one-man multiple-character showcase–featuring a Japanese chiropractor action hero, a skittish crook haunted by the ghosts of celluloid gumshoes, and a government scientist marveling at his colleague’s abduction by aliens–could […]

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Super Citizen Ko

Super Citizen Ko In this 1995 Taiwanese film by Wan Jen, an old man who has spent the past three decades in prison and then in a nursing home comes home to live with his daughter. Captured in a crackdown on leftists under martial law, Ko had been a member of a “study group,” his […]

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The Rhinoceros Theater Festival

Founded as a component of the Bucktown Arts Fest (see separate listing in regular theater listings) but now independent of that event, this annual summer showcase of fringe theater, performance, and music has relocated farther north over the past few years. This year’s edition, which runs through September 23, is housed at the Lunar Cabaret […]

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Naked TV

Naked Tv, InFusion Productions, at American Blues Theatre. If you have a hankering for comedy, why would you go out to see improv when you can just as easily stay home, in the comfort of your living room with the kitchen nearby, and watch TV? Should a show get boring, a cable box ensures a […]

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Poetry & Music from the Guild Complex

POETRY & MUSIC FROM THE GUILD COMPLEX This funky Bucktown event being presented at the tony North Shore venue is the equivalent of a hot item from the Knitting Factory being presented at Lincoln Center. Performance poetry, of course, has been championed for years by the Guild Complex; now, because that group’s offices are housed […]

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During the convention, you’re probably counting on our local cable service to keep you fixed with CNN and C-SPAN. There’s bad news about that. Cable service in Chicago, particularly in the areas along the lakefront, is notoriously flaky. So if you experience one of our routinely scheduled outages, you may be driven to watch that […]