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Savage/Love and Lovesick

ClothMother Productions, at Footsteps Theatre. Requited love is a short circuit, Samuel Beckett once darkly quipped. Not a problem in Caryl Churchill’s 1967 barbed seriocomic radio play. In Lovesick no love goes requited, and the unhappiest character is the guy at the center of it all, a selfish, manipulative psychiatrist who’ll do anything to win […]

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Faith Healer

In their three separate monologues Frank, an itinerant healer, his wife Grace, and his manager Teddy agree on only one thing when it comes to that evening in a Ballybeg bar: an incident occurred that would result in two of them committing suicide. Playwright Brian Friel teases us with the details of that traumatic night […]

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A Man of the Moment

Hello, Bob Retro Theatre at the Chopin Theatre I Came to New York to Write Aardvark at the Organic Theater Company Greenhouse The biographical note at the back of Robert Patrick’s Cheep Theatricks notes that “Mr. Patrick lives in a brown suede suitcase and is available for travel wherever his plays are done.” Indeed, the […]

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Catholic Guilt

Dear Reader: With regard to the Naked Lunch censorship story at the University of Chicago [September 29], it is odd that the Reader’s editors are shocked by the fact that pornography was considered a serious matter in Chicago 37 years ago. Now, of course, in our more liberated age, characterized by explosive growth rates in […]

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A Slap in the Farce and A Matter of Wife and Death

Single Action Theatre Company, at Raven Theatre. This evening of two seldom-performed short plays by 19th-century French playwright Eugene LaBiche, a master of the boulevard farce, successfully entertained the popular audience by mocking the conflicts and tensions of domestic life. Unfortunately, Single Action’s production doesn’t make LaBiche’s work relevant to a contemporary audience; sitting through […]

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Nights of the Blue Rider

This multidisciplinary performing arts festival, hosted by the Pilsen area’s Blue Rider Theatre, runs through December 17, with shows most Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM and Sundays at 7 PM, as well as children’s matinees on selected Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM. Most evenings feature two or more artists, with intermissions between each […]

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Sleepwalker, at Cafe Voltaire. Dreaming, the body remains inert while the mind goes a-roaming, but when one sleepwalks things are the other way around. This simple observation provides one of the clues that the sleepwalker in Jim McDermott’s one-character play discovers, but only after she’s somnambulated for several nights through classically Jungian glades. (“I love […]