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Bush League All-Stars

There’s nothing particularly spectacular about Bush League All-Stars, which is exactly why their recent debut album, the Bob Weston-recorded Old Numbers (Pop Narcotic), sounds surprisingly fresh. Dispensing with indie rock’s de rigueur obscurantism–lo-fi production, extraneous noise, antinarrative lyrics, suppression of melody, etc–this quartet from Columbus bashes out country-tinged rock filled with a bluster and passion […]

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Change It Back

Dear Editor: I’m sure the Reader editors had good reasons that I know nothing about, but your redesign of the newspaper is a step backward, to put it mildly. I love Hot Type and Neighborhood News, and was appalled to see how you’ve made those columns much less readable and attractive. I’m no design expert, […]

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First Nations Film and Video Festival

The fourth annual First Nations Film and Video Festival–formerly the First Nations Native American Film and Video Festival–will be held on Saturday and Thursday, November 25 and 30, and Saturday, December 3. Screenings this week are at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; tickets are $5 per program. For more information call 784-0808. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER […]